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ID (Link) Description Year Location Scan locationsort descending

Medford Mid-High (formerly Medford Senior High School), 815 S. Oakdale (F. Clark, Arch.); 7-1982

1982 G37 F 3 Scanned

Southwest elevation, Climax School; 7-6-1982

1982 G36 B 6 Scanned

South elevation, Climax School; 7-6-1982

1982 G36 B 6 Scanned

Northeast elevation, Climax School; 7-6-1982

1982 G36 B 6 Scanned

Southeast elevation, Climax School; 7-6-1982

1982 G36 B 6 Scanned

Bell tower originally had been at Climax School, before 1940s; 7-6-1982

1982 G36 B 6 Scanned

Rear view of Sterlingville school house

1917-18 G35 D 4 Scanned

Ruch School in Applegate area. Stone school building with wooden bell tower. Ruch (Or.)

Donated by G. H. Piche G35 D 3 Scanned

Roosevelt School, with: Bullock, William (Janitor); Beveridge, Mr.; Carkin, Miss (Mrs. Glen Taylor); Fielder, Miss; Stine, Miss Kate; Pierce, Mrs.; Medford

1912 G37 F 2 Scanned

Medford High School, Medford

c1910 G37 B 5 Scanned

Monument to Julia Cheetham Fielder

G39 C 9 Scanned

Roosevelt Elementary School in Medford

G37 F 2 Scanned

Teachers and students at Independence School, Phoenix

1902 G38 A 1 Scanned

Southern Oregon State Normal School in Ashland

G35 F 6 Scanned

Maypole dance in Medford, including: Love, Agnes; Cook, Isa; Elliot, Mabel; Nickell, Bess; Colvig, Helen; Prim, Maude; DeBar, Bryant; Colvig, Vance

G37 C 2 Scanned

Students and teacher outside Ruch school; Back Row L-R: Teacher Mrs. Nettie Armpriest; Dixie Brown; Jessie Smith; Alice Hodges. 2nd Row: Cecil Wiltze?; Raymond Pearce; Bob Holzgang. 3rd Row: Albert Holzgang; Richard Dale; Billy Larson.

4th Row: Victor Holzgang; Bob Hyde; Bill Hyde; Russel Mee. 1929 G35 D 3 Scanned

Students and teacher outside Ruch school; Back Row L-R: Paul Matheny; Ruth Ziebarth; Harold Perry; Gladys St. John; Lorraine Offenbacher; Alice Hodges; Robert "Bud' Peebler; June Bell; Mrs. Armpriest; Lois Matheny; Charles Offenbacher; Evelyn Wiltse...

Glenn St. John. Front row L-R: Anita Bell; Bill Hyde; Margorie Peebler; Ralph Perry; Virginia Shide; Mary Johnston; Betty Johnston; Fred Wiltse; Joe Hodges; Irene McDonough; Bernard Gildea; Marion Matheny; David Waine; Bob Hyde; Melvin St. John 1932 G35 D 3 Scanned

Ruch School, with Kubli, Rita and others

Original loaned by Ron Kubli G35 D 3 Scanned

Valley School Medford

Weills, Spencer; Biddle, Wheldon; Scherer, Emily; Scherer, Martha; Ruhl, Alicia; Salade, Jean; Mosher, Ruth; Thompson, Mrs. W. A.; Vawter, Gerry; Vawter, Billy; Dodge, Bud

G37 F 4 Scanned

Valley School in Medford, with students in front, including: Hart, Charity; Salade, Jean; Sherer, Martha; Sherer, Emily; Vawter, Billy; Dodge, Burdetto; Biddle, Wheldon, Vawter, Gerry

G37 F 4 Scanned

Valley School in Medford, with students and teachers in front, including: Mosher, Frank; Biddle, Weldon; Mosher, Ruth; Sherer, Martha; Tuttle, Shelby; Day, Nancy; Sherer, Polly; Tengwald, Nan; Vawter, Billy; Salade, Jean; Salade, Bill; Holmes,...

Dodge, Bud; Ruhl, Alicia; Tumy, Deborah; Vilas, Susan; Bragg, Kitty G37 F 4 Scanned

Roosevelt Elementary School in Medford, with students and teachers outside, including Hamilton, Eleanor (teacher)

G37 F 2 Scanned

Roosevelt Elementary School in Medford, with students and teachers outside, including: Bearnay, bill; Fabrick, Glen; Diamond, Horace; Fielder, Julia (teacher); and others

G37 F 2 Scanned

Medford High School; Exterior; Medford, OR; 9-30-1956 (negative is in G44 E 9)

1956 G37 F 3; G44 E 9 Scanned

Roosevelt Elementary School in Medford, with: Taylor, Carken; Stern, Kate; Fish, Edith; Fielder, Julie; and others

c. 1912 G37 F 2 Scanned

Britt Institute students complete their 1965 term. Director is Tumbleson, Ray, Youth musicians and choir performing.

1965 G39 A 4 Scanned

Student protest at what is now Alba Park in Medford across from the Federal Building. Protesters hold signs: "End America's involvement in Vietnam" and "Bring the troops how now." April 1967.

1960s G33 C 2 Scanned

Medford High School students doing "The Slop" during the Winter Formal, 1962: Lloyd Hammons, Mary Marg Barr, Jack Richardson, Kathy Uridel, Joe Griffin, DeVonne Prough, Bill Heyerman and Shelley White

1962 G37 F 5 Scanned

Students in front of old stadium at Medford Sr. High School, fall 1960

1960 G37 F 3 Scanned

3rd grade students at Ruch school, including Wertz, Sanford; Johnson, Bobby; Offenbacher, Leroy; and others/  Tall one is Bobby Johnson later killed in loggin accident; Dutch - Leroy Offenbacher is blond boy on left; Far right Sanford Wertz

1939 G35 D 3 Scanned

Southern Oregon State Normal School in Ashland/

G35 F 6 Scanned

North School in Ashland, with students and teachers, including: Lozer, Frankie; Eliason, Lars; Roach, Dora; Gobel, Katie; Gault, Ethel; Payne, Lola; Jarvis, Jessie; Gibson, Edith; Payne/ 1899/

G35 F 7-081 Scanned

School group in Ashland, including: Parker, Alfred; Fringer, Martin; Ericson, John; Bybee, Bob; Niswonger, John; Swenson, Grace; Harris, Hazel; Leitz, Harold; Starks, Menna; Bosc, Cecel/

G35 F 7-091 Scanned

Southern Oregon State Normal School in Ashland/

G36 A 1 Scanned

Schoolhouse in Climax; 7-6-1982/ 1982

G36 B 6 Scanned

Outside School, 2 Teenage Boys laying in Sun, Ted Barker

G33 C 2 Scanned

Teenage Activities, 2 youngsters shopping

G33 C 2 Scanned

Teenage activities--outside school, Sue Baker on right, 1966

G33 C 2 Scanned

Academy School Ashland c1872

1872 Scanned

Medford Students - Play. Two female students sitting on couch; one using an old telephone

1966 G33 C 2 Scanned

Medford High School Graduating Class 1962, speaker at podium, graduates in audience.

1962 C33 C 2 Scanned

Medford High School Graduating Class 1966, graduates in audience.

1966 C33 C 2 Scanned

Photo of Medford High School from the 1949-50 Yearbook "Crater"

1950 No Print Scanned

Hedrick, Mr. E. H.

G31 C 4 Scanned

Misc: Apollo 11 lunar rock sample truck

1970 G33 F 1 Scanned

Sacred Heart Catholic Church, Medford

G44 E 4 (negative) Scanned

Jacksonville Gold Rush Jubilee Parade

G44 E 4 (negative) Scanned

Dirt Road Rustic rail Fence

G44 E 4 (negative) Scanned

Crater Lake, Wizard Island

G44 E 4 (negative) Scanned

Medford, Main Street from Front Looking East, dirt street

G44 E 4 (negative) Scanned