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ID (Link) Description Year Location Scan locationsort descending

Masonic Building, with funeral parade for John Boyer, at Oregon and California Sts.; Jacksonville; 1-21-1902 (see also negative # 764)

1902 G36 D 3 Scanned

Jacksonville Courthouse cropped, front row far right: Leslie Stansell

G36 F2 Scanned

Street scene in Jacksonville on California St.

1920s G36 D 3 Scanned

Man and woman in the Post Office in Jacksonville

1900 G33 A 3; G36 E 3 Scanned

Interior of the new Post Office in Jacksonville

c. 1910 G36 E 3 Scanned

Kenney Hardware and Old Bella Union Saloon, with Kenney, Chris and two men

1973 G33 A 3; G36 E 1; G50 A 2 Scanned

Group in front of the Cronemiller & Love Store in the Orth building in Jacksonville; including: Love, George; Orth, John; Cronemiller, Jim; Biede, Helena; Biede, Gertrude; Biede, Otto

G36 E 3 Scanned

Boat-shaped float in Jacksonville parade, crowded with children and sponsored by the Native Sons of Oregon; 7-4-1895; (Britt photo) (see also negative # 8219)

1895 G36 D 9 Scanned

Jacksonville Engine Co. No. 1 with band and crowd in front of Masonic Temple (similar to negative # 5799, but cropped differently)

1883 G36 D 7; G50 D 3 Scanned

View over Jacksonville to the east with Roxy Ann and Mt. McLaughlin (Britt photo # 1011)

c. 1883 G36 C 6; G36 C 7 Scanned

Four men in front of C. H. Basye Blacksmith Shop at California and 4th Sts. in Jacksonville

G36 E 1; G50 D 3 Scanned

Pack mules in Jacksonville. Mule pack train on California Street; vintage automobile parked along curb. Jacksonville (Or.); 7-15-1911

1911 G36 D 4; G50 C 3 Scanned

Shell station on southeast corner of 5th and California Streets, Jacksonville, with Curly Graham's truck

1939 G36 E 3 Scanned

"My Sunday School class minus a lot of boys who should have attended class", Sunday School class with 8 boys outside Presbyterian Church in Jacksonville

1902 G36 E 6; G44 C 6 Scanned

View west on C St. in Jacksonville looking west from courthouse cupola

post 1883 G36 C 5 Scanned

Street scene in Jacksonville on California St. looking northwest; 12-4-1980

1980 G36 D 3 Scanned

Hotel Taylor ledger page, 6-2-1895 (MS 125)

1895 no print Scanned

4th of July parade on California St., Jacksonville, looking west (see also negative # 10099); 1  12" x 18" photo available

1882 G36 D 3; G43 E 8 Scanned

Street scene on California St. looking west, Jacksonville; view includes the Union Livery Stable

1905 G33 A 4; G36 D 3 Scanned

Fire drill on California St. in Jacksonville (see also negative # 873)

c. 1883 G36 D 3 Scanned

Man with wagon and 2 horses in Britt vineyard gathering grapes (negative no longer in use, use negative # 2009)

G38 E 1 Scanned

Stout, Fletcher in Dr. Robinson Drug Store in Jacksonville

c. 1911 G36 E 3 Scanned

Street scene in Jacksonville on California St. with U.S. Hotel

c. 1882 G36 D 4 Scanned

"Broom Brigade" in Jacksonville, with: Orth, Annie; Bybee, Minnie; Turner, Susie; Booth, Jennie; Linn, Mamie; Schmitt, Bertie; Muller, Amelia; Cronemiller, Carrie; Miller, Mollie

G36 D 7; G41 C 4 Scanned

Street scene in Jacksonville on California St. showing Ryan Building and U.S. Hotel, with men building arches for parade by the Improved Order of Redmen; 5-21-1880 (see also negative # 1943); David Linn Bldg

1880 G36 D 4 ; G36 D 5 Scanned

South side of California St., looking west, with Redman Building in foreground, Jacksonville

1971 G36 D 3 Scanned

Street scene (4th and California Sts. looking north?) with parked buggies and people crossing, Jacksonville

G36 D 3 Scanned

Fan Brigade in Jacksonville, with: Nunan, Josie; Muller, Bettie; Kress, Maud; Jones, Lulu; Donegan, Mamie; Reames, Jennie; Helms, Emma; Helms, Anna; Orth, Ella; 7-1890 (see also negative # 11084)

1890 G33 A 4; G36 D 7; G50 D 2 Scanned

Students and teachers outside St. Mary's Academy in Jacksonville

G37 A 5 Scanned

Dr. Robinson in front of City Drug Store in Jacksonville (Dr. Robinson opened office in 1879; he was born in 1851 and died in 1938)

1879 G36 E 3; G37 C 7 Scanned

Graduating class of 1888 at St. Mary's Academy in Jacksonville; Judge, Etta; Wetterer, Josie; Chavner, Margaret; Carrol, Elizabeth

1888 G37 A 5 Scanned

Murphy, Joseph and 4 other men in front of Murphy's Barber Shop in California St. in Jacksonville

G33 A 5; G36 E 1 Scanned

View over Jacksonville toward the southeast from Cemetery Hill.  Displayed at La Fiesta Resturant in Jacksonville.

c. 1900 G33 A 5; G36 C 5 Scanned

Mitchell's Sanitarium in Jacksonville; 7-10-1950 (negative is in G44 E 8)

1950 G36 E 1; G44 E 8 Scanned

White Owl Mine on E. California St. across from Presbyterian Church, Jacksonville; miners at work on East California, city lots

G37 A 8 Scanned

Britt, Mollie and Sister Mary Fibronia

G30 C 3; G37 A 5 Scanned

Street scene in Jacksonville looking southeast, corner of California and Oregon Streets.

c. 1955 G36 D 4 Scanned

Dox, Henry and 2 other men in front of the Beekman Bank building in Jacksonville

Thomas Collection: G44 F 4, notebook 17, page 15; notebook 18, page 53 G33 D 7; G36 E 4; G44 F 4 Scanned

St. Mary's Academy in Jacksonville

G37 A 5 Scanned

St. Mary's Academy in Jacksonville

G37 A 5 Scanned

Senior class at St. Mary's Academy in Jacksonville, including: Nickell, Bessie; Ray, Mollie; Gloor, Lizzie; Lippincott, Mary; Barnes, Maude; Martin, Ethel; Plymale, Mary; Honcel, Maude; Morris, Marie; Reuter, Dora; Colvig, Helen; 9-1897

1887 G37 A 5 Scanned

Five women graduates at St. Mary's Academy in Jacksonville, including: Bybee, Minnie; Nunan, Josephine; and others

G37 A 5 Scanned

Beekman House; exterior, 4-20-1926

1926 G33 D 7; G36 F 3 Scanned

"Chocolate Corner" in Masonic Building, Jacksonville, including: Shaw, Clyde; Lewis, Duke; Thompson, Gene; Thompson, Nettie

G36 E 1; G50 A 2 Scanned

Murphy's Barber Shop on California St. in Jacksonville, interior

G36 E 1 Scanned

Lewis, Harry; and another man in a meat market in Jacksonville

G33 A 6; G36 E 2 Scanned

Beekman, C. C.; and 2 other men in front of the Beekman Bank building in Jacksonville

G33 A 6; G36 E 4 Scanned

Cabinet of Curiosities possibly from Ed Helm'sTable Rock Saloon in Jacksonville; Table Rock Mineral Cabinet; newspaper article on back of picture.

G36 E 3 Scanned

Street scene in Jacksonville with a pack train on California St.

1910s G36 D 4 Scanned

Brunner and Orth Buildings, corner of California and Oregon Sts., Jacksonville (same as discontinued negative # 12485)

G36 E 3 Scanned