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Aerial view of Ashland, taken in the 1920s. This is a copy of a photo that hung in Herndobler's furniture store office in Ashland for years. Same photo in 2 boxes, but larger version is in G45 B1.

G35 D 5; G45 B 1 Scanned

G. F. Billings (undated, but he is older)  


G30 B 3 Scanned

Chautauqua building in Ashland with history written on back:

The 1893 Chautauqua building at Ashland enlarged in 1905 by cutting the hemisphere in 2 and moving 1/2 up the hill. Note orchard tress in foreground and tip of building beyond cupola...

G30 B 3 Scanned

Ashland Plaza 1880

1880 No Print Scanned

Ashland City Hall with 3 fire trucks: 1913 American La France, 1926 Reo Speedwagon, 1938 American La France.  Pictured left to right are:
Kiel, John; Baldwin, John; Baugham, Clint (Chief),; King, J. W.; Wilson, Lawrence; 10-6-1938

1938 G35 E 4; G45 B 5 Scanned

Ashland's 1946 Ford Fire Engine, Trenter, L. D. at wheel. 500 gallon Ford pumper, Photo taken October 3, 1959

1959 G35 E 4 Scanned

Ashland's new American La France Fire Engine, September 1915

1915 G35 E 4 Scanned

Price, William and family in 1914 Model T Ford Touring Car

c. 1920 G39 D 7 Scanned

1925 Stutz 1200 Triple Combination Model O at Medford (copied from pg. 108 of "Stutz Fire Engine Co., Indianapolis, Indiana)

1925 G37 D 8 Scanned

1925 Stutz fire engine in Jacksonville on loan from Medford - RIght Front Closeup

G36 D 7 Scanned

1925 Stutz fire engine in Jacksonville on loan from Medford - Left Front Side

G36 D 7 Scanned

Stutz Fire Truck and 6 firemen in Medford; 5-1925.  At one point, truck was donated by Medford Fire Department to Jacksonville Museum.  In 2017 the truck now is back in Medford at Fire Station 4.

1925 G37 D 8 Scanned

Recovery of a 1946 Ford Fire Engine from Ashland Creek, into which it had fallen when the bridge it was crossing collapsed during a flood; 1-5-1948

1948 G35 E 4 Scanned

Medford Firehall with firemen and 1925 Stutz fire truck now in collection, with: Woods, Vern; Shreve, George; Geren, Al; Glascock, Howard; Stevens, Claude; Elliot, Roy; Canoose, Ed; Stevens, Fred - station located NW Corner of 5th and N. Central

1940 G37 D 8 Scanned

Billy Hodson (driving) and Van Gilbert in Buick, crowd around: "From Medford, 2007, to Roseburg in a 2-cycle Buick"

1907 G39 D 7 Scanned

Fire equipment in front of the Ashland Fire Station, with Winkler, Mr.; Cash, R. C.; Swink, L. P.
Left to right: 1926 Reo Speedwagon, 1946 Ford Fire Engine (Pumper), Dodge Pickup, 1938 American La France, Newer FIre Engine, possibly American...

1960 G35 E 4 Scanned

Using steam shovel to recover 1946 Ford fire engine from Ashland Creek, into which it had fallen when the bridge which it was crossing collapsed during a flood.

1948 G35 E 4 Scanned

Ashland Fire Chief J. Baughman directing recovery of 1946 Ford fire engine from Ashland Creek, into which it had fallen when the bridge it was crossing collapsed during a flood

1948 G35 E 4 Scanned

Overhead view of the recovery of a 1946 Ford fire engine from Ashland Creek, into which it had fallen when the bridge it was crossing collapsed during a flood

1948 G35 E 4 Scanned

Left side of 1946 Ford fire engine being recoverd from Ashland Creek, flood of January 1948

1948 G35 E 4 Scanned

Ford touring car with wheel off

G39 D 7 Scanned

Some of the remaining members of the Medford Volunteer Fire Department of 1910; including: Amann, Eugene; Lindley, G. F.; Merriman, Tom; Eads, George Bigham, P. C.; Gowell, H. T.; Redden, F. E.; Eads, Everett; Young, Harry; Boussum, Charles;

Roberts, Horace; Ossenbrugge, J. J.; Wilson, H. L.; Butler, J. W.; Lawton, J. W.; Butler, H. N.; Ling, H. D. Thomas Collection: G44 F3 Notebook 13, Page 25 c. 1930 G37 D 8; G44 F 3; G45 B 2 Scanned

Automobile on country road. Stearns-Knight automobile fording stream on dirt road near fly caster's club in Shady Cove area; driver is Alice Rowland Bowne. Shady Cove Area (Or.)

ca. 1915 G40 A 1 Scanned

1925 Stutz fire truck in Jacksonville Parade

G36 D 7 Scanned

Eight small photos of the Ashland Fire Station and equipment

c1960 G35 E 4 Scanned

Six photos showing the recovery of a 1946 Ford Fire Engine from Ashland Creek, into which it had fallen when the bridge collapsed during a flood/ 1947/
See also 11512

1948 G35 E 4 Scanned

Fire truck in Medford with 2 men: Ritchie, Vern; Moulton, Al/ 1986.5-2/8

G37 D 8 Scanned

Medford Fire Department members Moulton, Allison; Nelson, Truman; and Tucker, Mr.; near an old firetruck in Medford/

G37 D 8 Scanned

Ford Center Door Sedan, Circa 1915

1915 G39 D 7 Scanned

Man and woman with Ford C-Cab Truck with Vancouver WA plates at Oregon-California border (negative # 1835 does not match this image)

G39 D 7 Scanned

Race car Front View - Utah 1924 License Plate / 1962.254.11/5

G39 D 7 Scanned

Ashland Fire Chief J. Baughman directing the rescue of the 1946 Ford fire engine from Ashland Creek after flood - Elhart 3-1-12
see also SOHS 10909 for original photo

1947 G42 C 4 Scanned

Medford Fire Dept with Stutz in 1925 (Duplicate of SOHS 4804)

1925 G37 D 8 Scanned

So Oregon Timing Association Race, Early Corvette vs. Model T Touring circa 1970

c1960 No Print Scanned

So Oregon Timing Association Drag Race, Ford Coupe vs. Chevrolet Sedan, "Bob Meyers"

c1960 N:\Automobiles and trucks\SOHS 84880 SO Timing Assn Drag Race.tif Scanned

Postcard with photo of Don Haynes, the Marvel Man, signed by Don Haynes. Don, From Ashland, Oregon, tried to live in a car with doors welded shut and windows barred. Starting 2/19,1969, planned to spend 14 months in car, traveling 140,000 miles, to...

1949 G39 D 7 Scanned

Auto Racing in Medford 1920 - motorcycle on the track June 15-16

1920 G38 B 6 Scanned

Mercy Flights Board of Directors, with: Walker, Dr. L. Paul; Perl, Frank; Skinner, R. A.; Frye, Harold; Smith, Vern; Milligan, George; Hanson, Rev. Harry; Marshall, Thatcher; Nye, Mrs. Stephen; Flynn, Diamond (Mayor of Medford); Gault, Howard (...

G39 E 1 Scanned

Mercy Flights, nurse is Swayne, Hazel (Patient is being loaded through special door of the Cessna, the plane is equipped with ozygen, strecher and an electrically heated blanket. The patient is being loaded at

Roseburg to be flown to Vancouver, B. C., Canada) no print Scanned

Mercy Flights, Medford Airport (Shows 3 Mercy Flights airplanes at the Airport in 1966. The smallest plane at left is a Piper Cruiser. In the middle is a Piper Apache, and the largest at right is a twin-engine Beechcraft "Iron Annie")

1966 no print Scanned

Flory-Paiz, Bill beside Mercy Flights PA-12

1964 G39 E 1 Scanned

Interior of Mercy Flights plane

G39 E 1 Scanned

Mercy Flights - NOTES ON PHOTO: 50 people in front of Cessna representing the first 50 patients; original from George Milligan album, Civil Aeronautics Administration

G39 E 1 Scanned

Hangar at Medford Airport, 1929

1929 G39 E 2 Scanned

Forest Service patrol plane at Newell Barber Field

1920 G33 A 7; G39 E 2 Scanned

Three men working on the engine of a Mercy Flights Plane

G33 F 2 Scanned

Yreka, Shasta City, and Jacksonville Stagecoach at Medford Airport beside United Airlines plane

G39 E 2 Scanned

United Airlines Terminal Building at Medford Airport

G39 E 2 Scanned

Two Boy Scouts (Lastiwka, Mark; Trimble, Jerry) with Mercy Flights plane

1968 G39 E 1; G33 F 2; G39 E 2 Scanned

Mercy Flights Pilot Warren, Bill; 5-26-1977 (negative is in Knackstedt Collection)

1977 G39 E 1 Scanned