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McGrew Bros.Sawmill. Sawmill interior; lumber being cut. Medford (Or.)

1950 G38 F 5 Scanned

McGrew Bros. Sawmill. Sawmill interior; E. E. "Pink" McGrew beside huge log. Medford (Or.)

ca. 1955 G38 F 5 Scanned

McGrew Bros. Sawmill. Sawmill interior; Large log being processed. Medford (Or.)

1950 G38 F 5 Scanned

Chinese railroad section workers, in boxing stance, with gloves

G39 A 9 Scanned

Packing pears at Reter Fruit Packing House. Men and women in crowded packing room, bare light bulb, roller conveyor, box of pears, other equipment in foreground. Medford Area (Or.)

ca. 1920 G38 E 6 Scanned

Buncom school children and teacher. Eight children and teacher posed in front of automobile. On back of photo: 'Buncom School about 1917. The house in the background belonged to Cyrenus Combest. Back Row L-R: Harold and Jack Crump, Front Row:

Truitt and Emmett Cantrall, behind Emmett is Glenn Saltmarsh, Klaus and Doris Saltmarsh and Ardeth Combest. The teacher was Mrs. Sams.' Buncom (Or.) ca. 1917 G35 D 3 Scanned

Carnegie Library in Medford. Carnegie Library taken from hotel across Main Street; On front of photograph: 'PUBLIC LIBRARY LOOKING EAST FROM HOTEL MEDFORD'; view actually is looking south. Medford (Or.)

Thomas Collection: G44 F2, Notebook 1c, Page 24 ca. 1920 G37 D 8; G44 F 2 Scanned

Pear packing at Naumes packing house. Men and women packing pears; conveyor brings boxes from second story loft; boxes have NANPAK label. Medford (Or.)

ca. 1950 G38 E 6 Scanned

Pear packing at Naumes packing house. Close-up view of women packing pears; boxes stacked on second story loft in background

ca. 1950 G38 E 6 Scanned

Butte Falls businesses. Street view of Pine Belt Bank and U.S. Hotel. Bank built and owned by George Barker; Hotel owned by William Duprey. Butte Falls (Or.)

ca. 1910 G36 B 1 Scanned

Gold Ray Dam powerhouse construction. Powerhouse under construction; dam and Table Rock in background; wooden bridge with two men in foreground. Gold Hill Area (Or.)

1903-04 G39 D 5 Scanned

Loading hay into barn. Hoisting hay from wagon to hay loft in barn; man on loaded wagon, woman next to horse in front. Oregon, Southern

G33 A 7 Scanned

Rogue Valley acreage. View of valley, bare land except for fencing and tree to right, hills in background. On front of photo: 'Hundreds of Acres Like These in The Rogue River Valley.' Jackson County (Or.)

ca. 1910 G38 D 9 Scanned

Filling orchard heaters. Two men filling heaters with oil for smudging in G. E. Marshall orchard; two barrels on horse-drawn sled. Jackson County (Or.)

1911 G38 E 4 Scanned

View of valley and young orchard. Small orchard trees in foreground, farm with barns and more small orchards beyond; hills surround valley. Jackson County (Or.)

G38 E 4 Scanned

Orchard and garden scene. Alternate rows of orchard trees and field crops, corn on left, leafy vegetation on right; two barns at end of rows. Jackson County (Or.)

G38 E 4 Scanned

Orchard in bloom. Rows of blooming orchard trees; house at end of rows; in far distance, Table Rock on left, hill with Sacred Heart Hospital on right. On front of photo: 'Rogue River Valley'. Jackson County (Or.)

c. 1910-20 G38 E 4 Scanned

Orchard with man and girl. Girl with large brim hat and man standing in orchard. Jackson County (Or.)

ca. 1910 G38 E 4 Scanned

Mountain Cove Orchards. Three men standing in orchard. On front of photo: 'THE MOUNTAIN COVE ORCHARDS BATES BROTHERS OWNERS'. Jackson County (Or.)

G38 E 4 Scanned

Bear Creek Orchards. Orchard view with rooftop in foreground; tops of trees, some large, some small in midground; barns in distance. On front of photo: 'BEAR CREEK ORCHARD MEDFORD, OR'. Medford (Or.)

Thomas Collection: G44 F4, Notebook 19, page 9 G38 E 4; G44 F 4 Scanned

Orchard in the snow. View of young orchard trees with bare limbs; ground lightly covered with snow. Jackson County (Or.)

G38 E 4 Scanned

Orchard and Table Rock. View between rows of mature orchard trees shows barn at end of row, Table Rock beyond. Jackson County (Or.)

G38 E 4 Scanned

Spray rig at Hamlin ranch. Horse-drawn spray rig on wheeled cart, men on rig, one on horse; wood water tower behind. Photograph is cyanotype. Oregon, Southern

1890 G33 A 7 Scanned

Spraying at Barnum orchard. Spray rig covered with canvas panels, man spraying with long nozzle. Phoenix (Or.)

1910 G33 A 7 Scanned

Hauling apples. Horse-drawn wagon loaded with apple-filled boxes. Oregon, Southern

G33 A 7 Scanned

Cultivating an orchard. Gasoline powered tractor pulling disc plow through orchard. Oregon, Southern

1914 G33 A 7 Scanned

Leveling ground in Vilas orchard. Two mules, "Jack" and "Kate", pulling smoothing harrow; young man, George Vilas, driving mules; girl, Myrta Otterman, standing nearby. Medford Area (Or.)

G38 E 4 Scanned

Plowing at Bear Creek Orchards. Man driving early model gasoline tractor, tractor pulls plow. Note on back of photo: 'Original Bear Creek tractor'. Jackson County (Or.)

c. 1915 G38 E 4 Scanned

Plowing at Bear Creek Orchards. Horses and mules pulling plow, man walking driving team. Jackson County (Or.)

ca. 1910 G38 E 4 Scanned

Hillcrest Orchard wagon. Plank-sided wagon hitched to four-horse team, two men on seat, 'HILLCREST' printed on wagon side. Medford (Or.)

ca. 1915 G38 E 5 Scanned

Pear picking scene. Men on ladders picking Bosc pears, girl and two boys under tree. Oregon, Southern

1922 G38 E 4 Scanned

Hauling split rails in Vilas orchard. Two mules, "Jack" and "Kate", pulling wagon loaded with split rails; Ned Vilas driving mules. Medford Area (Or.)

c. 1920 G38 E 4 Scanned

Fruit picking scene. Men on ladders and on ground, mule-drawn wagon in row, house at end of row. Oregon, Southern

c. 1905 G33 A 7 Scanned

Peach pickers at Washburn Orchard. Men and women gathered around wagon loaded with boxes full of peaches. Washburn Orchard was at the base of Table Rock. Jackson County (Or.); 9-1913

1913 G38 E 4 Scanned

Group at Alta Vista packing house. Large group of people on and in front of loading dock. Some references refer to Ala Vista instead of Alta Vista. Jackson County (Or.)

Ca. 1927 G38 E 6 Scanned

Dining room at Bear Creek Orchards boarding house. Four women standing at long table set with place settings and food. Written on back: 'Joan's Dining Room.' Medford Area (Or.)

c. 1910 G38 E 6.5 Scanned

Bummer lambs. Five orphaned lambs lined up at feeder. Ashland Area (Or.)

G38 D 4 Scanned

Hugh Barron with horse. Hugh Barron in corral with horse, horse nuzzling Barron. Ashland Area (Or.)

ca. 1948 G38 D 4 Scanned

Marking or branding cattle. Steer on ground, two men on horses with ropes tied to steer, man and woman on ground with steer. Identified: Hugh Barron, Ray Murphy on horses; Evan Maupin, Austie Barron on ground. Ashland Area (Or.)

ca. 1948 G38 D 4 Scanned

Hugh Barron dehorning steer. Steer in stall, head between boards; Hugh Barron cutting horn with hand saw. Ashland Area (Or.)

ca. 1948 G38 D 4 Scanned

Man with horse and foal. Man standing with mare and foal tethered together with leather strap, open barn or stable door, back of house, alley or backyard. Ashland Area (Or.)

ca. 1912 G38 D 4 Scanned

Gold Ray Dam construction. Construction site of logs and planking; two men in water in foreground. Gold Hill Area (Or.)

1903-04 G39 D 5 Scanned

Savage Rapids Irrigation Dam. Downriver side of dam, treed hillside in background. On front of photo: 'SAVAGE RAPIDS IRRIGATION DAM, GRANTS PASS, ORE.' Grants Pass Area (Or.)

G39 D 5 Scanned

Golden Drift Dam. Powerhouse on left and log pilings to right. Also known as Ament Dam; built in 1902 by Golden Drift Mining Company; dynamited 1912 by vigilantes; repaired; removed 1921. Grants Pass Area (Or.); 8-1914

1914 G39 D 5 Scanned

Copco #2 powerhouse interior. Two power turbines; balcony with railing; woman and child observing. Dedicated to public service July 5, 1925. Copco (Ca.); 7-5-1925

1925 G39 D 5 Scanned

Copco #2 power plant. Powerhouse, outdoor switching equipment; scrub brush hillside, rocky cliff in background. Downstream end of California-Oregon Power Company. Copco (Ca.)

G39 D 5 Scanned

Copco #2 power plant stave pipe. 200 feet of wood stave pipe, 12 feet in diameter; rests on excavated bench east of Link River. Klamath Falls Area (Or.)

G39 D 5 Scanned

Link River dam and canal. Dam with canal and rubble rock wall from canal excavation. Klamath Falls Area (Or.)

G39 D 5 Scanned

Sawmill at Ashland. Log and plank bridge across creek; wooden mill buildings with wooden flume over roof extending to right. On front of photo: 'Early Day Sawmill, Ashland, Ore'. Ashland (Or.)

G36 A 2 Scanned

Buckhorn Mineral Springs Lodge. Two-story wood frame building surrounded by landscaping and flower gardens; driveway in foreground leads up to and past building; rustic arbor spans across driveway. Ashland (Or.)

G38 B 7 Scanned