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1898 Photo of Jackson County Officials:
Newbury, Gus; Applegate, Pete; Cronemiller, Jim; Peters, Mary; Jacobs, Pete; Crowell, Judge; Orem, Alec; Dennen, Billy; on the steps of the Jackson County Courthouse in Jacksonville

1898 G36 F 2; G50 A 3 Scanned

Many cars parked near the Jackson County Courthouse in Jacksonville

c. 1920 G36 F 2 Scanned

Snow scene in Jacksonville

G36 E 3 Scanned

Amy's Café in Jacksonville, 120 E. California; "Ben Drew Commission", Wade, Morgan & Co. Bldg.; c 1931, with: Chrysler, Norma Cantrall; Johnston, Gail Cantrall; Dow, Amy Cantrall; Cantrall, Sarah Newlin; Cantrall, John; Cantrall, Osie Saltmarsh...

c. 1931 G36 E 2 Scanned

Stage coach in parade in Jacksonville for the opening of the U.S. Bank

1965 G36 D 8 Scanned

Armed men marching in parade in Jacksonville near Old City Hall

G36 D 8; G36 D 9 Scanned

Float in parade near City Hall in Jacksonville drawn by 6 horses; 7-4-1908

1908 G36 D 9; G36 E 1 Scanned

Grisez, Frank A.; Civil Engineer and surveyor with another man in his office in Yreka, California

1912 G31 B 4; G36 F 2 Scanned

Street scene in Jacksonville with boardwalk on California St. at Oregon St.; 8-1971

1971 G36 D 3; G36 E 8 Scanned

I.O.O.F., Masonic, and Table Rock Saloon buildings in Jacksonville at Oregon and California Sts.; 8-1971

1971 G36 D 3; G36 E 8 Scanned

Early view of Jacksonville buildings and houses

G36 D 2 Scanned

Seventeen small photos of street scenes in Jacksonville/ 1965. Composite includes nine of them, which are also scanned individually (in Jacksonville (Or.) folder)

G36 D 3 Scanned

Yreka delegation at St. Tammany's Day celebration in front of Orth Bldg. with sagging balcony, Jacksonville/ B381

G36 D 3 Scanned

Street scene in Jacksonville on California St. with Beekman Bank and US Hotel

G36 D 4 Scanned

Street scene in Jacksonville with one man in a wagon/ 1982.95.108

G36 D 4 Scanned

Group of men in top hats, with: Bosdosky, Jim; Howard, J. S.; Luy, Fred; Helms, Herman; Helms, Ad (or Wright, Thomas?); Shannon, Matt/ 1930

G36 D 7 Scanned

Float in parade in Jacksonville with a driver in a white top hat/ 

G36 D 8 Scanned

Float in parade in Jacksonville with large group of people on top

G36 D 8 Scanned

Float in parade in Jacksonville; 7-4-1908/ 1908/ 

G36 D 8 Scanned

Parade float in the shape of a ship in Jacksonville

G36 D 8 Scanned

Britt Brewery building in Jacksonville; 5-1958/ 1958/ 

G36 E 1 Scanned

Britt Brewery building in Jacksonville; 5-1958/ 1958/ 

G36 E 1 Scanned

Britt Brewery building in Jacksonville; 5-1958/ 1958/ 

G36 E 1 Scanned

Fick, Fred; and a woman in his hardware store in Jacksonville/ 

G36 E 1 Scanned

Orth Butcher Shop building in Jacksonville; 7-1971/ 1971

G36 E 3 Scanned

Rogue River Valley Abstract Office in Jacksonville (printed correctly)/ 1972.97.3; across from Courthouse, 1910-1911

G36 E 3 Scanned

Staff of Rogue River Valley Abstract Office in Jacksonville; with: Hogsett, E. C.; Whittington, Sam; Whittington, Katherine; Hogsett, Georgia; and others/ 

G36 E 3 Scanned

Dowell House, Jacksonville

G36 E 8 Scanned

William Moore house in Jacksonville; 8-1971/ 1971

G36 E 8 Scanned

William Moore house at 635 S. 3rd St. in Jacksonville; 12-1992/ 1992

G36 F 6 Scanned

Jones, Wilbur A -Sheriff; Jones, Nellie Rose- Deputy; Owens, Jim- Co. Comm.; Dow, Bob-1st Deputy,  in the Sheriff's Office in the Jackson County Courthouse in Jacksonville

1911 G36 F 2 Scanned

Entrance to Jacksonville Cemetery with white sign, dark lettering. Sign is lower in photo than it is in later photos. Field in the background looks cleared and has stumps that look like they had been an orchard. 

It was dated 1970, but...

G37 A 1 Scanned

Viet Schutz Brewery (or City Brewery) building near Jacksonville on road to Ruch

1902 G36 E 1; G44 C 6 Scanned

Street scene Jacksonville, 1897

1897 G36 D 3 Scanned

Jacksonville Storage Dam construction


Jacksonville Courthouse, picket fence, people; 5x7 wet Britt glass plate negative

Old Glass Neg. 33-18 Restricted Scanned

Jacksonville, California Street, 1880. Sign for New State Hotel, United States Hotel; Wells Fargo Express (hard to read, on building in left foreground)

1880 G36 E 5 Scanned

Photo of students and teachers in front of St. Mary's Academy in Jacksonville. Only a jpg is available, and quality isn't high. Photo was loaned for copying, donor found it in family materials. Donor's great grandmother became a cook at St. Mary's,...

No print Scanned

Jacksonville, OR; office of Neil, Judge; 5th Street; Souvenir shop, Maples, 1971; second section; then Rogue River Valley Abstract Co. Bldg

1971 G36 E 3 Scanned

Gin LIn Trail dedication. 6 photos and negatives, summer 1979 (in two sleeves, marked 89045 and 89045.01)

1979 G37 A 8 Scanned

Jacksonville City Hall tower and bell, 7 photos of tower being placed on top of building, July 1980 (in 2 sleeves, labeled 89046.01 Through 89046.07)

G36 E 2 Scanned

Pioneer Village in Jacksonville, folder also says Ron McHune, he may be in the photos. 7 photos, most showing covered wagons in a building. In 2 sleeves in a folder

1980 G36 E 3 Scanned

Ruch Store Fall 1931 - Grange Project to see grass on Humbug and Chine Gulch burns.  The grass was "poa bulbosa" see cleanings donated by Charley Hoover, seedgrower.

Standing on sacks of seed on truck: Edwin Taylor, Martin McDonough, Clem...

1931 G35 D 3 Scanned

Valley Scene, Jacksonville 

1912 No Print Scanned

Bird's Eye View of Jacksonville drawn in 1883.  Image from National Archives.

1883 G36 D 2 Scanned

Oregon Caves - The Wigwam -msteel railing, narrow walkway, stairs, inside cave

G33 A 6; G39 C 1 Scanned

View of Kirby in Illinois River flood

1889 G38 C 5 Scanned

View of Kirby in Illinois River flood

1889 G38 C 5 Scanned

Kerbyville in winter

G38 C 5 Scanned

View of house and barn in Kirby Oregon Circa 1890

1890 G38 C 5 Scanned