Newspapers with major events

M73 C Box 4

Medford Mail Tribune

"Ho Asks Pope to Seek Peace" (1967)

"Agnew Resigns" (1973)

Jack Ruby and kennedy funeral (1963)

Robert Kennedy assassination (1968)

John F. Kennedy tribute and burial (1963)

"Moon Liftoff Successful" (1969)

"Manned Space Flight Succeeds" (1961)

photos of Virgil Grissom, Yuri Gargarin and Alan Shepard (1961)

Ashland Tidings

Ford takes over (1974)

sullphur baths burn down (1979)

Ashland flood (1974)

Oakland Tribuner

"People Shot by Soldiers in Streets of San Francisco" (1906). Special "extra" about mayhem in city following earthquake. 

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M73 C Box 4