Vietnam Protest; Medford Fire Hall; Medford City Yards

Protesters carrying signs in front of federal building, 8th Street, Medford; Presbyterian Church in background / signs say: "Kill the Slant Eyes," "Kill the Viet Cong," "Blast the Commies,"  "Bomb Hanoi" / / meeting, Medford City Council chambers / pans across VIPs at desks / Medford fire hall exterior / man at dispatch panel  / interior, Medford fire hall, pan across fire engines / old Medford city seal on door of truck / signs: "Men Working, Equipment in Road," "Slow," "Men Working" / man walks to nondescript building in Medford city yards / city seal again / / meeting, man speaking at desk / Earl Miller present

Medford Mail Tribune, April 28, 1967, page 1 has two photos an article about the demonstration. Teens in film had broken up silent vigil against the war, torn up antiwar signs.

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M6D Box 12 52E/97E

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Clips for 27-April-67 Reel #1 (3)

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