Ashland Soldiers who served and died in World War II

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Lynne Hasselman, a writer, researcher and mom from Ashland, heard the moving story of Corporal Lewis R. Setchell and his sacrifice and set out to create a more comprehensive accounting of those from Ashland who lost their lives in the service of our country during World War II. As she found out, there was no official compilation of Ashland casualties or at least one that still existed. Lynne pieced together new information by reviewing the Ashland Tidings, the Oregonian and the Ashland High School (AHS) newspapers, paging through old yearbooks, studying official battle reports, cemetery records and census reports, reading countless military books, and querying military group associations and historical societies. With the help of gracious AHS alumni, family members, veterans and subject matter experts, she discovered many of the stories behind these brave young people.

Lynne hopes these articles, published in 14 installments by the Ashland Tidings, will reflect some of the courage and sacrifice of the men and women who served as well as the burden shared by their families at home.