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MI 150432

Medford Street map, undated, with street index. Includes I5 and airport

D25F08 No.9 Direct entry
MI 150431

City of Medford Oregon Map, 1946, photocopy

D25F08 No.10 Direct entry
MI 150430

George W. Barker, banker suicide 1928 Butte Falls

VF Barker Direct entry
MI 150429

Elk Lumber Company photos and DVD, logging, aerial photos, sawmill

MS1013 Direct entry
MI 150428

Wilson, May Lee

Vertical File biographies Direct entry
MI 150426

First agricultural society organized in the Rogue Valley/ Feb. 8, 1859

MI 150425

STERLINGVILLE/Gold discovered by Jim Sterling and Aaron Davis leading to settlement of Sterlingville./ Date: 1854

MI 150436

Ginger Rogers photos (5) with Dennis Morgan, George Murphy, James Craig/ 2012.50

G34C5 Direct entry
MI 150437

Copy of land deed for 1061 acres, from David Linn and wife to C. C. Beekman, March 4, 1872

Biography File - Linn Direct entry
MI 150438

St. John Resort on the Rogue River, one family photo of Nellie Rose St. John Van Vliet, Charles Stanley, Marshall, Rosco Raymond St. John

Vertical File - Rogue River OR-Businesses Direct entry
MI 150449

Swift's homestead
I don't know how long Hiram Swift, also known as "High" Swift, lived on his little ranch west of little Pilot Rock near Hutton Creek. He was there when I was a boy and lived there until he passed away...

MS178, no. 538 George Wright descriptions
MI 150448

Ivin Miller's homestead
Some time around forty years ago a man we knew as Dad Miller located a homestead at the head of the east fork of Hutton Creek. I remember him well, and used to see him come into Hornbrook with loads of wood in...

MS178, no. 537 George Wright descriptions
MI 150447

I don't know much about the little town of Hilt. It could
be called a sawmill town because the lumbering and logging business seems to be the most active there, although there are some stock ranches in the area.

MS178, no. 536 George Wright descriptions
MI 150446

Anderson grade
The Anderson Grade was part of the old stage road between the Klamath River on the north and the Shasta River on the south.
The road was narrow and crooked and as the wagons traveled
up and down the grade the...

MS178, no. 535 George Wright descriptions
MI 150445

Terrill ranch
The Terrill Ranch is on up Hutton Creek from the Crovelle Ranch. Years ago Oscar Terrill and his family lived there. I don't know what the little ranch is called these days.
Terrill was in the early days a great...

MS178, no. 534 George Wright descriptions
MI 150444

Shelton Rock
There is a peak, or pointed hill, between Hutton Creek and Highway 99 North of what used to be called the Crovelle Ranch. The peak is known as Shelton Rock. Why it was named Shelton Rock I do not know.
It used to be a...

MS178, no. 533 George Wright descriptions
MI 150443

Hutton Creek
Hutton Creek empties into Cottonwood Creek north of Horn­ brook, and it heads in the south slopes of the Pilot Rock area.
The Hutton Creek area used to be, and I guess it still is, a good winter range for cattle and...

MS178, no. 532 George Wright descriptions
MI 150442

City of Medford Map, 1946 with 1949 addition, 22x34 in.

D6 F1 Direct entry
MI 150441

Collection of color slides taken by Daniel C. Robertson at the dedication of the Applegate Dam in 1981.

G39 D5 Direct entry
MI 150440

St. John Family

VF name file-ST Direct entry
MI 150439

Brunner-White cabin, within Union Creek Historic District, 5 views

G-38 A5 Direct entry
MI 150285

ASHLAND/Ashland Mills P.O. changed name to Ashland/ Date: June 14, 1871

MI 150286

BUNCOM/P.O. established/ Date: Dec. 5, 1896

MI 150287

BUNCOM/P.O. closed/ Date: Dec. 18, 1917

MI 150288

RUCH/P.O. established by C. M. Ruch who named it/ Date: 1897