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Clone 9-30-1969
Mary Hanley Retirement Observance; George Romney and Operation Breakthrough

Mary Hanley and ladies eating, schmoozing on Jacksonville Museum grounds / interior meeting: / / faded color, sound: George Romney speaking / closeup of "Operation Breakthrough" (anti-poverty program) packages on dais / "Response to Operation Breakthrough has been overwhelming" / Romney speaks about housing proposals in U.S., Canada and overseas

Jacksonville Museum Reception; Fruit Shipment to Brazil

Jacksonville Museum grounds: ladies chatting / men chatting separately / cake shaped like courthouse / buffet line / Earl Miller present / / color, sound: men standing in front of "Maltese Cross" fruit boxes on dockside discuss shipment of Hood River and Jackson County fruit to Brazil / "3,000 tons of pears going to Brazil" and speaker bites into hard, green pear

Prospective Firemen Test; Burned Fluhrer Building Lot

Exterior: men milling about by fire engine / men climbing extended ladder on ladder truck / men climb over 6-foot wall / interior: men taking written test / foot racing down North Front Street / / empty lot, demolished burned Fluhrer Building, small wooden house, somehow related to the United Good Neighbor Fund, on grounds  / Craterian Theater in background /


Closeups of VIPs  somberly looking at camera / pan across meeting, speakers

SOSC College Registration

Students lined up outside building / interior: college registration, students lined up, registrars with boxes of punch cards / students in booths registering for classes / student health insurance booth / veterans aid booth / pan across gymnasium / students fill out paperwork on metal folding chair seats

Tract House Construction

Bulldozer fills hole in lawn on new tract home / shot between houses, pan down row of houses

Paving Biddle; School Library and Temporary Buildings; Air Force Academy Footage

ONC freight semitruck passes / traffic crosses Biddle with fresh paving, traffic control cones / man with wheelbarrow shovels concrete around street light pole on corner / closeups of man, traffic / / interior of school library / closeup of VIP under canopy / man working on roof / man operates pipe threader / pan across new buildings / elementary school students at desks / / color, some good, some faded: Air Force Academy cadets  run, march, dine, chat, / stills of space flight / Thunderbirds perform / eagle mascot

Flag-Raising at Veterans Domiciliary; Boise Cascade Employees Donate Check

Man speaking / interior: nurses and VIPs around table / shots of listeners, speaker / participants walk on path at Veterans Domiciliary  / flag-raising ceremony, savings bonds flag with minuteman and stars / / pan across millpond, log deck, crane lifting trailer onto log truck / men unload oversized, barely legible check from pickup: "Pay to UGN (United Good Neighbor Fund) $19,054 from Employees of Boise Cascade" maybe / closeups of man with Boise Cascade logo on hard hat, VIP / crane lifts check

Medford Armory Recruiting Station

Air Force recruiting posters, pan to Navy posters, Marines / interior: recruiters on phone at desks / closeup of Navy poster / Air Force seal / Army poster / shot down dark hallway, Medford Armory / armed forces insignia poster / table with books, brochures / "Fly Navy," "Travel Navy" signs

Medford Repurposes Camp White Building; Banquet; NMHS Marching Band Practice

Pan across ceiling to trashed floor / closeup of map cabinet, pan across office / men enter building / interior: Medford city truck, signs / exterior: pan across buildings, fields, Table Rock / three incinerator smokestacks, pan across abandoned equipment / officials examine grounds, demolished building / / interior: banquet scene, all-female audience / closeups of speakers / / exterior: pan across fields, buildings / band students lined up on North Medford High School field / dump truck unloads / army surplus truck drives across parking lot

There's a photo of the Camp White incinerators in the August 18, 1946 Medford Mail Tribune, page 3.

Camp White Building; Empty Bank Office

Pan from Table Rock across pile of broken masonry / pan across masonry buildings / interior: crematorium or incinerator door / / pan across VIPs in empty room, chairs, table, bank vauilt door

Medford Parking Meters, Train in Siskiyou Tunnel Collapse

Closeups of parking meter / tight closeup of "time expired" flag / meter maid tricycle / wheels on locomotive / ore cars stuck in tunnel / / hillside in Siskiyous / workers around train stuck in tunnel / closeups, pans of cars stuck in tunnel /

Parking Enforcement; Drought; Airport Parking

"Medford Police" on motorized tricycle / trike parked by car at meter--same footage as in SOHS Film #1640 / / man in overcoat in Channel 5 parking with hands outstretched looking questioningly at sky / anemometer and TV antenna from below / man pours dry soil from hand / man turns on lawn sprinklers, talks at camera / closeup of parking meter, lawn in background / tight closeup of man talking / exit booth at Medford Airport / "Parking Rates" sign / man ambles aimlessly along row of parking meters, Medford Airport parking lot / he turns handle on meter

For more parking enforcement footage, see SOHS Film #1640

Pharmacists at Providence, Rogue Valley Hospitals

Entrance to Providence Hospital / pharmacist counting pills as cigarette smokes in background / pan across shelves of bottled drugs / pharmacist counts change to customer, puts drugs in bag / exterior, Rogue Valley Memorial Hospital / closeup of entrance / pharmacist counts pills / pulls pills from shelf, counts them out

Parking Enforcement; Thunderbirds Jets Formation Flying

Black and white: Meter maid tricycle double parked beside car at parking meter / policeman slips ticket under windshield wiper, drives off / closeup of ticket under wiper blade / closeup of "expired" flag on meter, ticket in background, pan down row of parked cars / / good color: four jets (Thunderbirds) performing tight formation at air show / pilot's-eye view

For more parking enforcement footage, see SOHS Film #1642

Illegal Dumping; Meeting; Forest Fire Cleanup

Pans across pile of trash, White City / closeup of Pepsi label / more pans / man in tie examines trash / / man speaks to room full of blue-collar workers seated around table / closeups of speaker / / Forest Service workers digging hot spots after forest fire / twin-rotor helicopter dumps water /

Fighting Forest Fire; Auto Mechanic; Meeting; Parking Meter

Firemen wind hose back onto pickup-mounted reel / men hose smoking hillside / twin-rotor helicopter in air with bucket, drops water into smoke / / mechanic wearing necktie gets into car / opens hood, pan across engine / headlights / Chevrolet logo on grille / / meeting: men at table examine papers / spectators uncomfortably perched on folding chairs / more of same / / paper with cutout face taped to parking meter, Central Avenue, Medford, pan down to number on post / closeup of head of parking meter /

Fire at Moen Supply

Night: pan across Moen Supply / RFD firemen at work poking through smoking debris, names on turnouts: Seibold, Lovelace (?) / hosing down burning debris

Watermelon and Corn Dogs; Communion in Home

Man cuts watermelon, boy eats same / man wipes watermelons in back of pickup / woman eats, alternating corn dog and watermelon / man throws horseshoe / / residence with twin gables / interior: Catholic priest celebrates mass / children sing / woman plays guitar / priest gives communion / / banquet scene (dark)

Reedsport Flood Control Work; John Dellenback Speaks

Pan across bridge across river / sign: "Flood Protection Improvements Under Construction by Corps of Engineers, U.S. Army, Portland District, Contractor S. D. Spencer & Son, Sponsor City of Reedsport" / highway sign: "Umpqua River, Oregon US101," pan to levee / concrete wall around oil tanks, Standard Oil Company of California / pan down concrete gate in levee / pan along men at work installing forms for curb work along highway / / dark banquet scene / closeup of congressman John Dellenback speaking / / meeting

East Medford Residence Construction; Partial Eclipse

Men at work building residence in East Medford, Barneburg Hill and Rogue Valley Manor visible in background / pan across neighborhood / shake roofing in progress / carpenters at work inside house / passel of children on bicycles riding down street past construction site / / sun at various stages during partial eclipse

Teens Waiting in Line; South Oregon Coast Scenes

Teens standing in line at Miles Field / / sea stacks and surf, south Oregon coast / highway sign: "Welcome to Oregon; We Hope You Will Enjoy Your Visit" / commercial signs: A&W, Holiday Motel, Bev's Boat Bunk, Smoked Salmon, Chetco Travel Trailer and Camper Resort / grassy field with driftwood / beach / Dairy Queen / Philips 66 gas station / bowling alley sign / Chevron Standard service station / Bonn Motel / "For Sale" sign in window / closeup of busted neon sign / fast montage of directional arrows / Oregon State Park sign, pan to coast / highway sign: "Welcome, Enjoy Your Visit" / view from above of children playing on driftwood-strewn beach / woman walking with dog on beach /

For more of same footage of teens in line and description of event, see SOHS Films Nos. 1622 and 1625

Tilt-Up Slab Building Construction; Medford Heights Townhouses Construction

Crane lifting wall segments into place of large tilt-up building, various views, closeups of crew, crane driver, pans across scene / / pan across construction site, wooded hill / sign: "Medford Heights Townhouses," buildings under construction

Talent Achievement Day; Hedrick Junior High School

Facade of small wooden building with bell tower: "Talent City Hall 1899," with "Achievement Day" banner / man speaking outdoors at microphone, hands are shaken / pan across spectators standing, sitting in folding chairs, on grass / / view down residential street and Hedrick Junior High School, cars slowly passing school / schoolchildren walk, ride bikes past camera / child crossing guards wave traffic through, wave flags at nonexistent traffic / pans across mass of children and waiting school bus / older children flash peace signs at camera /

Medford Traffic; PTA Meeting

Traffic on North Front Street, Medford, between Main and Sixth / traffic on East Main between Central and Front / closeup footage of cars passing by / / meeting scene, "PTA" slide projected on screen / speaker / woman speaks, holds up brochures

Gold Hill Bike Race; Containerized Shipping

Black and white, silent: Kids milling about on bikes on Hwy. 99, Gold Hill during Gold Dust Days / bicycle racers lined up, man shoots pistol, they ride off / /

Color, completely faded to red, sound: Footage shot at Port Elizabeth, New Jersey: documentary about container shipping and automated freight handling, "a new age for international trade"

For more footage of 1969 Gold Hill Gold Dust Days, see SOHS Film No. 1611

Open Irrigation Ditch in Residential Area; Elementary School Registration

Bend in irrigation ditch by building and orchard, pan up to sign: "No Trespassing, Rogue River Valley Irrigation District Right of Way" / view of ditch looking in other direction, residential area / different views of ditch passing by residences / / student crossing guard at street intersection, possibly Jackson Elementary / elementary students and parents filling out forms in classrooms

Grass Fire; Replacing Jet Engine; Applegate School

Grass fire by road, East Medford area / lifting engine onto tail of AirWest jet airliner, Medford Airport / / pan across grass fire / closeup of burning weeds by fence / helicopter with bucket arrives / helicopter at low altitude, pan across countryside / copter returns / / sign: "Applegate School" / pan down from belfry to door / teacher in classroom, bored students / students at tables /

For footage of removing jet engine, see SOHS Film No. 1589

Teens Wait for Rock Concert; Meeting

Pan across Miles Field from outside, teens standing in line / teens waiting at fence, pan across line / / Earl Miller shakes hands / VIPs sit down at table / young secretary / meeting around table / / various shots of teens lined up at Miles Field / rock band plays on flatbed trailer / more shots of teens standing in line schmoozing, milling about

For more of same footage of teens in line, see SOHS Films No. 1622 and 1633

Photo in Medford Mail Tribune, September 2, 1969, page 9. Event was 7½-hour Oregon Trail Pop-Rock '69, produced by Harry Arnold "with and for the Ashland Jaycees." 1,800 people attended. "There were no arrests or trouble."

Baseball Champions Depart; Shell Service Station; Fruit Sorting; Picnic

People filing into Medford Airport terminal / view down car rental, airline desks in terminal / people waiting under eaves and at gate / young men posing with baseball trophy, bats, "State Champs '69" jacket / well-wishers at gate / Shell service station at I-5 and Highway 62 and new pavement / view down Biddle Road, construction work widening it / mechanics in service station garage working under hood of Mustang / mechanic under car / backhoe unloading pipe, Far East Colony Restaurant, 4th and Front, Medford, in background / conveyor belt sorting fruit into bins in packing house yard / fork lift moves bin / East Main Street, Medford, future Vogel Plaza in background / / huge family picnic in county park

Medford Dog Show

Miles Field covered with people, motorhomes and pavilions / man trots with greyhound as judges watch / man trots with Dalmatian / woman tries to get beagle to do trick, beagle stands / pan across field

Teens in Line

Pans across teenagers standing in line outside Medford Armory

For more footage of teens in line and rock concert, see SOHS Film No. 1625

Downtown Medford Traffic; Student Nurses Graduation

Arty closeups of cars passing camera / quick cuts of East Main Street Medford traffic, bathmat building and future Vogel Plaza in background / man parks, gets out of car, boys on bicycles ride past / / Sweet Adelines wearing corsages on stage, audience of nurses applauds / pan across audience / speaker at lectern / pan across audience / woman speaks / pan across room from rear

Photo and article in Medford Mail Tribune, September 1, 1969, page 7:

Ceremony took place in Hedrick Junior High School cafetorium. The Sweet Adelines sang. Graduates were addressed by Mrs. Ralph E. Cook; Lindsay Vinsel presided. Graduates were Betty Cimfl, Gloria Higinbotham, Dianna Pearson, Mina Glass, Shirley Herring, Patricia Kizer, Ethel Nagle, Donna Hawkins, Josca Leeuwenburgh, Lois Thompson, Verda Greene, Beatrice Lile, Janet Butcher, A. Jane Bowers, Ruth Curphey, Betty Fitzgerald, Susan Jackson, Jerry Parlier, Charlotte Sabo, Debra Vessey, Christine McKy.

Tagging Rogue River Salmon

Good color, silent: pan across mouth of Rogue River to bridge / small boat lays net across river / men on beach pull net taut / pulling net to shore / fish in net including sturgeon, small fish, salmon / sturgeon returned to river / gasping salmon displayed for camera / salmon quickly tagged, scale sample taken and returned to river

Medford Water System Valve Installation

Man working in excavation of large water pipe, others watching / releasing water from valve / Y-valve in excavation with rebar for concrete foundations around it, parallel pipe in excavation nearby

Presumably installation of valve in supply pipe from Big Butte Springs for Medford Water Commission--possibly Martin pressure control station

Mill Meeting; Convention

Man with clipboard speaks / view from outside of people assembled in (lumber?) mill building / closeup of German shepherd wandering grounds / VIP speaks / VIPs mingle / check is passed from hand to hand / pan across machinery in dark mill building / pan across outside of mill as attendees mingle / / pan across audience of mostly women, wearing nametags / audience stands, files out of building /

Marines Basic Training

Young men and soldiers clustered on parking lot, ambulance in background / young men with numbers on their tee-shirts doing squat thrusts / drill instructor yells at recruits / rifles lined up on ground / sergeant instructs recruits with photos on easel / recruits do calisthenics and lift weights / barber shaves heads with electric clippers / recruits march in formation, palm trees in background (Camp Pendleton?) /recruit greets parents / VIP talks to recruits at attention / closeups of recruits / soldiers march in formation / Marines in formation / VIP hands book to Marine / soldiers march in formation /

Farm Demolition; Downtown Coos Bay Street Work

Men in suits looking at plans as bulldozer clears ground behind them / pan across scene, bulldozer piling demolished farm building between Medford and Jacksonville / / men examine plans on construction site, "The Hub" in background / pan across Coos Bay U.S. Bank building, Western Union, excavation work on closed street / young men installing conduit in manhole / backhoe digging trench in street, "Fish, Poultry" and "Motorola" signs visible / barber watches from barber shop doorway / view down street, Chandler Hotel, "Skyroom" sign in background

Preparation for Women's Equestrian Competition

Young women saddle horses, Jackson County Fairgrounds / woman in equitation garb on horse / woman attaches spurs to boots, saddles horse / women pose on horseback, lined up for camera

SOTIA Meeting; Wigwam Burners; Oregon State Fair

Speaker at lectern / pan across luncheon meeting / Southern Oregon Timber Industries Association building exterior / wigwam burner, Central Point, Grange / another wigwam burner (Klamath County?), pan up smoke cloud / more shots of smoking burner / / Oregon State Fair entrance / woman poses with bouquet / Uncle Sam on stilts / carnival / horse race / small child / bagpiper / bagpipe band marching / 4-H banner / banner: "Theme: God & Country" / pavilion / Ferris wheel / small girl on carousel / ducks by tiny pond


Meeting in Medford city council chambers / pans across scene / speaker at microphone

Helitanker Borate Bomber

Pilot connects electrical cable of bucket to twin-rotor helicopter N2855J / shots, pans of helicopter / "Command Helicopters" painted on door / 'copter powers up, takes off as man connects suspension cables to bucket / 'copter flies into distance / lands near camera / pilot confers

Color photos of N2855J Kaman H-43 Huskie in action here:

Gold Hill Gold Dust Days 1969

Adult bicyclists race down street / young bike riders mill about in middle of street, directed by VFW member, Texaco station in background / miniature Model T Ford on display near announcer on microphone / pan across booths / girl mugs for camera / Christian Church white elephant booth / Gold Hill Grange booth / shots of various booths / cotton candy booth / dunk tank First Baptist Church booth / pan across scene

For more footage of bike race, see SOHS Film No. 1628

The race was a feature of the Gold Hill Community Benefit Carnival. See Medford Mail Tribune, August 31, 1969, page 10.

United Airlines Jet Pilot School; Meeting

Sound, color, faded to red: exterior shots of building / pilots in classroom / cockpit training mockups in large room / small jet takes off / cockpit shots / "school for jet executives" / / silent, black and white: people  sitting in stands, Medford city council chambers / shots of meeting participants

Harry & David Pear Packing Plant; Meeting

Women sorting pears on conveyor belt / scenes in packing plant, women packing pears into boxes / filled boxes on conveyor belt / man weighing boxes / woman labeling boxes with Bear Creek labels / woman tying knot in plastic bag within boxes / view of packing floor from above / / meeting in Medford city council chambers / pan across participants / man with pointer and large map of Oregon / closeup of speaker

Medford Eastwood IOOF Cemetery; Britt Children's Concert

Luncheon meeting: pan across participants / ranch house on Siskiyou Boulevard, Medford, IOOF cemetery hill in background (mausoleum lost in glare) / shots of cemetery--watered, mowed section, weedy section, sprinkler watering plot / closeup of Iradell Phipps monument / shots, pans across cemetery / shots of meeting participants / / adults and small children sitting on wooden benches, Britt Festival grounds / they get up, mill around grounds, children get on stage, examine instruments, talk to musicians

Medford City Hall VIP; Medford Airport Air Show; Tricycle Races

VIP in office speaks to camera, walks off / he chats up secretary / sits behind desk, Medford City Hall / /  three private planes take off at once, Medford Airport, pan across field littered with private planes / biplanes take off / men push biplane into position / biplanes do slow flyby over runway / announcer on viewing stand / trophies awarded / / Baza'r department store parking lot, Medford, crowded with spectators / children race on tricycles toward camera

Itchy Children; Jet Fighter

Pan across weedy field / suburban ranch house with small children in yard / woman points to, discusses field / small child / closeups of itchy children's legs / woman holding children, pan to field / men in meeting / speaker / / good color: Air Force officer explains jet fighter to VIP / VIP in cockpit / closeup of VIP /

OSU Crop Lab; Fairgrounds Buildings; Livestock Auction

Good color: Men leave Hyslop Crop Science Laboratory building, Oregon State University, Corvallis, walk to cars / closeup of sign on building / men point at electrical box on pole by field / they examine recording device in field, examine crops  / / black and white: pan along Jackson County Fairground buildings / huge pile of grain or sand inside building / / / sheep let out of pen, pan to auctioneer / more sheep, men examine their teeth / auctioneer / /