SOHS Community Conversations

The SOHS Board of Trustees is currently engaged in a process to learn more about community interest in its activities and its potential. Currently, SOHS maintains the SOHS Archives and Hanley Farm, and makes both locations available for various purposes. SOHS also takes care of the second largest museum collection of artifacts in southern Oregon, but cannot make them accessible to the public due to financial limitations. When the SOHS Board develops a long-term plan for future activities and services, the members want to be sure they understand community interests and support. Your input into the process will be greatly appreciated. 

Please use this form to enter your comments on the following questions:

  • What is the value of regional history to our community?
  • What do you think is the community perception of Southern Oregon Historical Society
  • What role do you think regional history should play in education?
  • We have the second largest collection of artifacts in Oregon; how should we share it with the public?
  • Where does SOHS go from here?

To view opinions from others, please use this link.