Britt's Family


Jacob Grobb, Britt's stepson Emil Britt, Britt's son Mollie Britt, Britt's daughter

In 1861, Peter Britt married Amalia Grob, a recent widow Britt had courted years earlier in Switzerland. Amalia had a seven-year-old son, Jacob, whom Britt took on as his own. The couple had three more children, Emil, born in 1862, Arnold, who died in infancy and Mollie, born in 1865. Amalia died in 1871. As adults, Mollie took over the household management, Jacob tended to many of his father's agricultural affairs and Emil joined his father in the photography business. The family was close knit. None of the children married and all spent their entire lives in the Britt house on the hill. The family portraits shown here were painted by Peter Britt and are included in the University of Oregon collection maintained by Southern Oregon Historical Society.