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ID (Link) Description Year Location Scan locationsort descending

Temple of Truth Church in Ashland

G35 F 1 Scanned

Eddings-Provost house on Vista St., with people, Ashland

1890s G35 F 3 Scanned

Painting of Chappell-Swedenburg house in Ashland, by Judy Marks

G35 F 4 Scanned

Swedenburg house in Ashland; front

G35 F 4 Scanned

Swedenburg house, interior, with upstairs stairway banister, Ashland

G35 F 4 Scanned

Swedenburg house in Ashland; front porch detail

G35 F 4 Scanned

Winburn, Jesse entertaining at his home "Sap & Salt" located above Ashland in the canyon on Ashland Creek, with: Moses, Mrs. Bert; Salade, Lillian; Salade, Mrs. Lewis Sr.; Hollowell, Alice Morgan; McCaskey, Mrs.; Salade, Lewis

G35 C 5; G50 D 1 Scanned

Ku Klux Klan on July 4 parade near Plaza in Ashland KKK

G35 E 1 Scanned

Swedenburg house in Ashland, garage and Pierce Arrow Automobile, with: Swedenburg, Dr. and Mrs.

1935-36 G35 F 4; G50 D 1 Scanned

Swedenburg house in Ashland; exterior

c. 1920 G35 F 4 Scanned

G. A. R. members in Lithia Park (Fife and Drum Corps on the far left), attendees (not all of whom were included in the group photo) were: White, Ed E.; Eastlick, W. W.; Hall, E. K.; Dodge, Ira C.; Lett, John; Judd, L. N.; Morris, John W. D.;

Ganiere, Charles; Coder, Eli; Bonham, Philip; Woodsell, B.; VanNatta, G. O.; Spencer, A. C.; Abbett, Monroe; Lindsay, William; Hanville, J. W.; Hills, T. E.; Stewart, Levi; Casey, J. R.; Hensley, J. H.; Lowe, James; Wilson, W. D.; Newton, W. W.; 1907 G39 A 7; G45 B 4 Scanned

Street scene in Ashland looking west on E. Main St. toward Plaza, includes White House Grocery and Enders sign. Also a shoe repair shop and Hay & Grain sign

G35 D 7 Scanned

Parade in Ashland during G. A. R. convention
Grand Army of the Republic

c. 1910 G35 E 1 Scanned

Large crowd watching parade entering Ashland Plaza

G35 E 1 Scanned

Ashland Woolen Mill

1888 G36 A 2; G50 D 1 Scanned

Entrance to Lithia Park, Ashland, Waterfall, Post Card

G36 A 7 Scanned

Jesse Winburn cabin at "Sap 'n' Salt" in Ashland Canyon (this image is on verso of # 11363)

c. 1925 G35 F 4 Scanned

Jackson Hot Springs

G38 B 7 Scanned

Ashland Woolen Mill

G36 A 2 Scanned

Mt. McLaughlin from Mt. Ashland

G39 C 6 Scanned

View from Ashland Plaza looking up North Main Street; shows Walt's Lithia Motors Chrysler Dodge.; 3-1964

1964 G35 D 7 Scanned

Street Scene in Ashland Plaza looking up N. Main St.; 3-3-1960

1960 G35 D 7 Scanned

Ashland Street scene looking East (may be negative # 12665 instead)

G35 D 7 Scanned

Ashland Dry Goods Store. Dry goods store interior; first woman on left possibly Nina Emery. Ashland (Or.)

G35 E 6 Scanned

Children in swings in playground in Lithia Park in Ashland, including: Wilkins, Lurline; Wilkins, Vera; Wilkins, Lillian; Pracht, Maxine

c. 1917 G36 A 4 Scanned

Medford Construction: Mt. Ashland Lodge

1963 G33 E Box 1 Scanned

Medford Construction: Installing the ski life at Mt. Ashland

1963 G33 E 1 Scanned

Medford Construction: Roof of Mt.Ashland to be installed

1963 G33E Box 1 Scanned

Omar's Restaurant in Ashland

No print Scanned

Outside of the Hargrove home. (left to right) Hargrove, Ida; Hargrove, Reuben; Hargrove, Mrs.; Glenn, Mr. and Mrs.; Hargrove, Anna;

pre 1906 G42 D 8 Scanned

Watermelon is eaten under a rustic roof. (left to right) Two unidentified men, Glenn, Mr.; Hargrove, Reuben; Hargrove, Mrs.; unidentified women, Goodwin, Mrs.; Goodwin, Mr. (?); Simpson, Glenn or Harold sits at front.

G42 D 8 Scanned

Hargrove, Daniel Glenn in uniform

G42 D 7 Scanned

E. Main St. from corner of Pioneer St., showing the Opera House in Ashland

1912 G35 D 7 Scanned

Street scene looking up Main St. from Plaza. in Ashland.  Knor Building on left and Ashland Hotel (now 1st National Bank)

Right side: City Hall (former police and fire departments); former pioneer building.

G42 C 2 Scanned

Aerial view of Siskiyou Blvd. area in Ashland; 4-2-1961 (was labeled incorrectly as negative # 12365)

1961 G35 D 5 Scanned

Aerial View of Jackson Hot Springs #11 of 18 (negative is in G44 E 5)

1946 G38 B 7; G44 E 5 Scanned

Ashland Plaza (The building on the right is the Ashland House which was on the Plaza across from the IOOF Building. The building behind the Ashland House is Hargadine's Store which stood close to the present City Hall location (1975). East Main is...

in the middle of the picture. The scene was photographed from the area of the Ice Plant near the corner of N. Main and Helman) 1863 G35 D 8 Scanned

Vinson, Alie H. and 14 other members of the Southern Oregon State Normal School football team/ 1899/ 1970.32.3

1899 G35 A 7 Scanned

Burning waste oil in a field near Ashland/

G35 D 5 Scanned

View over Ashland/

1911 G35 D 5 Scanned

View of Ashland Plaza/

G35 D 7 Scanned

Swink, L. P.; Assistant Fire Chief in Ashland; 7-1-1959/ 1959/

G35 E 4 Scanned

Abel Helman house with small tractor in front, built at Ashland Iron Works/

G35 E 6 Scanned

Two men in buggy near Ashland Sanitarium (photo sleeve claims this to be negative # 12077, but that negative does not match this image)/ 1904/ 1969.65.253

G35 F 1 Scanned

Butler house at 41 Granite St. in Ashland/

c1882 G35 F 3 Scanned

Hughes, Thelma; Commons, Willy; Burnett, Earl; Robison, J.; Bilderback, Manly; Winings, Stanley; Boone, Bazel; Brown, Margaret; Gleason, Hattie (teacher); and others/

c1920 G35 F 7-003 Scanned

Winter, Hortense; Long, Violet; Doran, Vern; Myers, Ila (teacher); Boone, Basil; Provost, Angela; Clift, Cora; and others/ 1909/

1909 G35 F 7-072 Scanned

Swan on pond in Lithia Park in Autumn/ 

G36 A 5 Scanned

Lithia Park playground; August 1981. Photographer: Douglas R. Smith

1981 G36 A 7 Scanned

Buckhorn Springs Bath House Front View

G38 B 7 Scanned