Haines-68: Idaho Historical Society

letter related to the Jacksonville - Fort Boise road

Haines-67: hand written notes

Various events related to radio broad casting in the Rogue Valley

Haines-66: Jacksonville Oregon

confirming dates for various Jacksonville events

Haines-65: Steamboats at the mouth of the Rogue

Steamboats traveling up the Rogue River from the mouth.

Haines-64: Grants Pass Daily Courier

3 Spanish silver coins found on the Claude Bardon place

Haines-63: Grants Pass Daily Courier

Jack Smock returns to Holland

Haines-62: Grants Pass Daily Courier

G. T. Thrasher Mining representative

Haines-61: Grants Pass Daily Courier

Logan Mine sluice box discovery of Spanish coin dated 1784

Haines-60: Grants Pass Daily Courier

Waldo dance was a comparative failure

Haines-6: Ashland Woolen Mill

news release on bringing the Woolen mill to Ashland

Haines-59: Jacksonville miners article

Southern Oregon "Miner" of Ashland writing on Jacksonville mine cave ins

Haines-58: Mrs E. C. Person

Elva Wheeler Person memories

Haines-57: Grants Pass Daily Courier

Frank E. Williams memories

Haines-56: Jacksonville miners

John B. Griffin on Jacksonville miners

Haines-55: Grants Pass Bulletin

Dedication of the Rogue River Bridge, Major-General Smedley D. Butler, George W. Joseph Jr. Sergeant Larry Gentner referenced

Haines-54: Grants Pass Daily Courier

Golden Anniversary Edition - Mining Stories Section

Haines-53: The first school bell

Early days of the Rogue Valley, "The first school bell"

Haines-52: William Mackey Dick

William Mackey Dick letter to the editor, legend of the naming of Grants Pass

Haines-51: Vina Elliott Opdycke

Vina Eliott Opdycke memories

Haines-50: Arthur Whipple

from the "Rogue River Courier" Arthur Whipple suffered a fatal accident near Waldo

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