Haines-5: Society notes

Mr Leonard has a new saw mill at Enterprise, Woolen mill raising, Smith and Howard planer mill running at capacity, Mr S Emory of Ashland has se up a new planer mill, Applegate brothers sue Peter Smith over Siskiyou Mountain wagon road,

Haines-49: " It’s the Climate"

" It’s the Climate" sign removed John Hampshire

Haines-48: Oregon State Library

Letter to Francis D. Haines Jr on Abigail Scott Duniway

Haines-47: Ashland Mine

W. A. Bartlett, restarts Ashland Mine

Haines-46: Oregon Observer

George Hart attorney fell while running with the fire cart, Odessa Freed gave a party, Methodist church will give an "Experience Social"

Haines-45: Grants Pass Daily Courier

American Pine Needle Company sign a contract

Haines-44: Grants Pass Daily Courier

Klamath Ager stage robbed by A. G. Frick district attorney Benson and Klamath county deputy sheriff on board

Haines-43: Pioneer Hotel fire Jacksonville

Haines-42: George Duncan

George Duncan stage coach driver crossing Deer Creek bridge

Haines-41: Society notes

Society notes from 1893 through 1920

Haines-40: George J. Caldwell/Stephan Beers

Geo. J. Caldwell will serve time. Stephan Beers will plead not guilty

Haines-4: Ashland Woolen Mill

updates on the woolen mill, Mr S. Emory

Haines-39: James McGuire shooting

George Caldwell shot James McGuire

Haines-38: George Bailey

George Bailey from Missouri Flat

Haines-37: Jacksonville robberies

Wintjen and Helms saloon robbed, Rapheal Morat house also,

Haines-36: Jacksonville trial

Wilbert W. Wells was arraigned for assault and battery against Mrs Ann Hart. The trial was held in the home of Mrs Harvy

Haines-35: Society notes

Society notes from 1889 through 1912

Haines-34: Jail burning at Jacksonville

The Jacksonville jail is destroyed by fire. Three men lost their lives

Haines-33: Jacksonville Brevities

The home of Robert Hardman was robbed.

Haines-321: Witnesses Subpoenead

Witnesses subpoenead by sheriff L.L. Jacobs to attend the McDaniel murder trial.

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