Water Rights

Another important aspect to establishing an irrigation system in Southern Oregon was also the creation of water rights. In 1909, 73 Legal aspects were published in the newspaper, covering aspects of the laws such as the rights of not only the public, but the government as well. There are three distinct categories of rules; Legal, human, and scientific. These respectively dealt with matters such as the obtaining of water, the assets of selling, and its economic value.

Water rights were an extremely important aspect to establishing an irrigation system in the Rogue River Valley, and it was a huge contributor to the area’s infrastructure. The rules were originally established in 1909 so that there could be structure to the obtaining of surface water. Years later, these rules also pertained to the obtaining of groundwater. The rights ensure that while everyone is receiving water, the source is not being taken advantage of for one’s personal gain. These series of laws are still prevalent today, and have been adapted to current times to ensure the efficiency and legality matters of water in the Rogue River Valley.