Eureka Footage #2

Bright color: Freighter at doc, pan back to reveal log deck on shore / aerial views of port through dirty window / / black and white: meeting with Lee Rice, Ray Peart / / art works, pan across gallery walls / twelve-string guitar / closeup of comic strip art / ceramics / bizarre sculpture / / meeting: men speaking at lectern / / VIPs at dais: David L. Nichols, Bert L. Smith / staff tape-recording meeting / speaker at lectern / / meeting, VIPs at dais: Edmund M. Smith, George A. Dinsmore, Willard C. Pratt, David L. Nichols, / / temporary bridge across river / men examine washed out road at river side / pans across river, washout

Box or location: 

Original Not in SOHS Collection--from Charles Rice Collection

Description on can: 

Yellow Reel--"Moving Stereo Mobile Disk Jockey Service, Medford, Oregon"

Date of film creation or publication: 



Probably KVIQ Eureka

Length of film: 


Notes or comments: 

Severe sprocket damage at end