Aaron Maegly and Cecelia Levy Maegly, Britt photos and others

Aaron Maegly arrived in Jacksonville sometime after 1880.  He became the chief clerk in prominent merchant Gustav Karewski's hardware and/or agricultural implements stores.  By 1884 he was a partner in Bilger and Maegly, who along with Karewski was one of the 3 largest local manufacturers of agricultural machinery and implements.  Two years laterMaegly had established his own business, A.H. Maegly and Company, which dealt in stoves, tinware, hardware, and agricultural implements.

In 1885 Maegly married Cecelia Levy, Gustav Karewski's step daughter from his marriage with Joanna Levy.  The Maeglys possibly occupied the house at the corner of 6th and D streets, known as the Davidson House (aka Karewski/Maegly rental).  But shortly after their marriage , they moved to Portland where Maegly became successful in the real estate and mortgage business.  However, Cecelia retained ownership of the house until 1931.

 Aaron and Cecilia have single photos taken in San Fran at or around the time of their wedding in 1885.  The oldest was born in 1886, the middle child, Emma was born in 1888, and the youngest was born in Portland in 1892. The two photos from Portland were made in about late 1890. From the photographers shown on the photos is was interesting to see that Britt became Britt and Son in 1889. If you'd like, I'll share the specifics on each photo in person. Otherwise, I hopes this helps. I LOVE this stuff! Jamie

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