Life in Ashland

Original titles missing; DVD produced circa 1993

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"Life in Ashland 1952" [film actually produced in 1951]
A joint venture between The Ashland Chamber of Commerce and Fir Milling Company (Dick Reyen [sic], owner) [Richard Reynen]
Produced by Reel Life of Hollywood [Reelife of Hollywood]
DVD Executive Producer Harry Johnson
Music compiled and edited by Gaither B. Everett

Pan across Ashland from western hill / pans across Plaza: city hall, Coca-Cola sign, Ashland Hotel / Iron Mike statue, lithia water sign, Haynes Jewelry, Ken's Camera Shop, Plaza Cafe, Chamber of Commerce / "Welcome Visitors" sign / view east on East Main at railroad overpass, Fir Milling and Planing Co. visible / pan across lumber mill / log deck / crane loads Fir Milling and Planing Co. log truck from log deck / truck drives away / truck arrives at mill, crane dumps logs into log pond / man on floating logs directs them to cutoff saw / logs pulled by chain up into mill / log loaded onto carriage, cut into boards / various views of same / boards fed into planer / gang saw cuts them into 2x4s / men on green chain sort boards / cutoff saw cuts boards to length / boards marked, sorted and stacked / Hyster drives up lifts stack of boards / pan across full lumber yard / Hyster drives past wigwam burner with boards / sign on building: "Fir Milling and Planing Co., Ashland, Oregon" / pan across lumber yard / Hyster unloads stack of boards / boards conveyed into kiln / man feeding boards into planer / closeup of planer / more marking and grading boards / man in control booth / boards loaded into railroad boxcar / Lithia Park / convertible drives past Butler-Perozzi fountain and bandshell in park / mailbox: "The Oak Knoll Golf Club R-1 501-A" / pan across field / pan across private airplanes at Ashland Airport / private planes take off / first airplane lands / pan across pools at Twin Plunges / Lithia Park spring vegetation / Ashland Creek, water wheel / boys and girl fishing in creek with homemade fishing poles / pipe monkey bars in playground / women walking in park / group of girls walking through park / girls assembled in front of camera, in front of Abraham Lincoln statue / women walk through park / color guard walks American and Girl Scout Troop 63 flags to center of group / pan across Brownies and mothers saying Pledge of Allegiance, Scouting oath / deer, pigeons, peacock in Lithia Park zoo / duck pond / women and babies sitting on grass / pan across Ashland to south from foot of Grizzly Peak / painted on glass: "School Days" / pans across Walker School / U.S flag flying, children assembled below, grimacing into sun and saying pledge as camera pans across group / parking area, Briscoe School, pan to school building / pan across school / interior: chorus sings into KWIN radio microphone / man operating tape recorder / Lincoln School building / children filing into lunch room / women filling trays / lunch room scenes / Ashland High School / man at microphone / students in balcony bleachers of gymnasium / shots of students and teachers in folding chairs / girls on stage with banner: "OPS Restaurant Prices Restore to Pre-Korean Levels" / skit, restaurant scene: background reads "Try Our Baloney" "Steak, Chops, Hash" / pans across ivy-covered facade of high school / home economics sewing class / auto shop class working on hot rods, aircraft engine / biology class / pan across cases of stuffed and pickled animals, biology students / students in halls between classes, some in band uniforms, letter sweaters / pan across very large classroom / high school office secretaries, principal / typing class / literature class reading / marching band and majorettes practicing on field in uniform / baton twirlers / drum major / pans across band playing / Churchill Hall, Southern Oregon College (Southern Oregon University), pan across campus from above / pans across residential areas on hillside / view from residence above Churchill Hall / pans across university from Siskiyou Boulevard / married students' housing, clothes on clotheslines / pan across dormitory / coeds sing around piano / students do landscaping work, decorated truck in background / fertilizing grass with Vigoro / weeding around irises / maypole and coeds on homecoming float / parade on Siskiyou Boulevard / men on Elks Building balcony / students loitering on parked car in front of Elks Building / students in front of Lithia Theater / view south on East Main / clowns precede parade / Susie's Fashion Pole float on pickup bed passes Union 76 station / S.O.C. Field House lettermen's float on bed of Bellview Lumber Co. truck with "Ashland Pear Bowl" of toilet filled with pears / float on flatbed truck: "Phy Spit on Me and His All Girl Band" / man with sign: "These Candidates Will Get in the Harness," tied to several other students with rope / large bell on trailer: "Education, the Key to Liberty" / faculty in pickup: "S.O.C. Faculty Gets Better and Better" / schoolhouse float on trailer: "Future Teachers of America" / float of coeds in bathing suits in streamer carousel / Siskiyou Boulevard, edge of town, car drives into Rath's Motel / car drives into Colonial Motel, pan across same / people mount horses, most wearing identical western shirts, airport area / they ride around track, past grandstand / woman lopes up to camera, makes horse kneel, roll over / moviegoers leaving Varsity Theater, poster reads "You Be the Star; Life in Ashland" / young boys wrestling in street clothes / twin boys box wearing enormous adult boxing gloves / pans across judges' table, spectators / winner displays new baseball glove / twins are now covered with red stickiness from candy apples / handing out certificates / neon sign: "Elks Lounge" / interior banquet at Elks, old ladies wearing improbably fancy hats / night: neon signs: "Lithia Hotel," "Electric," "Varsity" / interior, Varsity snack bar, lobby poster for Randolph Scott in "Sugarfoot" / people walk from theater into bright camera lights / cashier in ticket booth / children in theater seats / man plays record / square dancing / people in Sunday finery leaving First Methodist Church, Robert McIlvenna, pastor / pan down different church from steeple to sidewalk / people in Sunday finery leaving church / Ashland city council meeting / "suspect" brought by policeman before judge in knotty-pine chambers, man is patted down, judge shakes finger at him / man is put in jail cell / schoolgirl in raincoat enters, hands paper to policeman / policemen chew fat in knotty-pine room; chief enters and inspects them / exterior of police department, Ashland police car leaves / police motortricycle follows / firemen slide down pole, jump on back of fire truck / firemen slide up pole / pan across firemen in fire hall / fire department doors open, fire trucks drive away, back into fire hall / interior: pan down U.S. flag, Elks or Lions club / Rotary banquet meeting scenes / man directs young orchestra: violins, bass, xylophone / back to banquet, Rotary hijinks / different banquet--many shots of Rotarians, speakers / pan across building / office scene / Bosshard Lumber Co. buildings / women walk into Bosshard Lumber / paint counter, painter in white cap and overalls buying paint, brushes / women examine doors in various wood veneers, door and cabine hardware / warehouse scene: assembling order of lumber, windows, vent, paneling on flatbed truck / pan across model tract homes / people arrive, are gladhanded by salesman, enter home / interiors of model home, dream kitchen of 1952 / pans across more model homes, pan up to Grizzly Peak and Mount Baldy to Medford in distance / painted on building "Oak Street Tank and Steel" / sign on corner of building / cutting up scrap metal with torch in yard / crane with electromagnet loads scrap into railroad flatcar / interior: feeding sheet steel between rollers, curving it into cylinder / man drops disk into cylinder, pounds it into place, tack-welds it in place / cutting holes in cylinder / cylinders mounted on trailer wheels / spray painting trailer red / completed product: "Rogue Model 900 Steam Cleaner" / pans across Art Deco building: "Newbry Orchards" / interior of fruit packing plant / Newbrys walk down stairs / pan across Ashland area orchard / spraying orchard / people at business counter / office scene with Newbrys, "Nuf Sed" Newbry labels on wall / downtown building, "Perrine Industrial Electronics" / interior: man feeds wire onto winder / working on armatures of enormous motors or generators / lathe / rack of bronze bearings / rack of electric motors / reels of cable / crated motors / loading pickup: "Perrine Industrial Electronics, Ashland, Oregon" / office scene / Perrine pickups leave garage / sign: "Lithia Motors Used Cars," pan across cars to building: "Lubrication and Washing," "Goodyear Tires," "Body Shop and Painting," "Walt's Lithia Motors Chrysler-Plymouth Service Dept." on Ashland Plaza" / interior: man in white "Lithia Motors" smock testing car on multitester / parts department / Chrysler in showroom, man opens door and gets in / driving new Chryslers across bumpy dirt lot by camera / Chrysler drives from Lithia garage to camera, man opens hood, we admire shiny "Chrysler FirePower" engine / he quickly drives car onto Plaza and up East Main / entering Varsity Theater, "Vengeance Valley," "Watch the Birdie" posters / view up and down sidewalk from Varsity, Fortmiller's Department Store sign visible / Varsity box office cashier / Lithia Theater and Elks Building / College Cleaners building / woman enters / interior of cleaners: counter, tagging clothes, stuffing them in washer, spin dryer, steaming dresses, sewing on button, pressing pants, ironing dress, admiring hideous dress / Varsity Theater building, pan to Daily Tidings building / counter of Tidings office / women at work / man reads teletype / people at phones and typewriters / Linotype operators, Linotypes in operation / composing newspaper pages / flatbed press in operation / front page, headline: "Soviet Bolstering Asia Force" / pan down radio antenna to KWIN building / interiors; office scenes, teletype, man reading from teletype into microphone / checking dials of transmitter / disk jockey playing 16" records, tape recorder

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Robert Allen, Reelife of Hollywood

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Bright Kodachrome Filming began May 8, 1951; film showed at Varsity Theater May 16 and 17, 1951. A similar film was produced in Medford in June. Some relevant articles and ads in Ashland Tidings: 5/7/1951p8, 5/9/1951p8, 5/15/1951p1, 5/16/1951p8, 5/17/1951p8


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