February 21-24, 1975 News Clips

Clip 1:

Clocks labeled "London," "New York," "Bombay," "Tokyo," "Hawaii," "Medford"

Clip 2:

sof: Interview with official running for reelection about reduced timber cut and budget issues

Clip 3:

sof: Interview with member of School Board running for reelection

Clip 4:

sof: Interview with bearded School Board member running for election

Clip 5:

Man speaks at lectern marked "North's Chuck Wagon" / pan across banquet scene / model and architect's drawing of building labeled "Food" / sign: "Proposed Jackson County Expo Park" / more speakers

Clip 6:

Store closure? Interior scenes of supermarket shoppers / cereal aisle / worker with clipboard (taking inventory?) / cashier / shots of near-empty shelves

Clip 7:

Man and Bryn Hazel hold discussion at file cabinets / pan across Jacksonville Museum archives / man shows old portrait / more pans / closeup of map: "Pony Express Route" / sign: "Jackson County Horseshoer's Schedule"

Clip 8:

sof: Exterior: interview with official about recalled defective butane lighters

Clip 9:

sof: Exterior at park: Interview with California school official running for reelection

Clip 10:

sof: Exterior: Interview about quality of education with school board candidate





Box or location: 

M4D Box 2 5B/17B

Description on can: 

416 2-21-75 to 2-24-75

Date of film creation or publication: 

2-21-1975 to 2-24-1975



Length of film: 


Notes or comments: 

Mixed silent and sound footage.




Black & White