712 Jackson Street

This is the reply George Kramer sent concerning the house at 712 Jackson Street (May 12, 2015)

Hi Pat.. Unfortunately this property is just outside the boundary of the Summitt-Fairmount Survey and so there no inventory for it.  I did look at the address on GoogleEarth and can confirm that it’s late 19th or very early 20th century.  Finding the history of a house that was moved is very difficult, although in this case I would look to MT articles about the construction of Jackson School.  If they took the trouble to move a building off the site, it would say so.  You can also check deed records to see who the School District purchased the property from and, if nothing else, that would you give a ‘name’ to search for that at least owned, and may have built, the house.

Another question occurred to me. Do you know that the house was moved when Jackson School was originally built, or could it have been moved later, to provide additional land for the school? If it was later, perhaps newer maps could help?





George Kramer


712 Jackson Street