1997.030.1 and .2 Sundstrand, 1997.034.2 and .4 Cox-Smith, 1997.035.1 Barrett,

Inventory on box//1997.030.1 and .2 Sundstrand, 1997.034.2 and .4 Cox-Smith, // 1997.035.1 Barrett, 1997.037.1 Bergstrom, Harriet; 1997.036.1 // Train, 1999.057.6, .8, and .9 MacArthur; 1964.042.10 and .15 // Mansfield, John; 1964.043.10 Mansfield;
VHS videocassette, “The Early Life of Ralph Train”
1997 comb-bound book, Dr. “Warren Gleaves Bishop / March 1, 1903- / Medford, Oregon / Physician & Surgeon,” biography by Carol Barrett
1997 ticket and program to “The Passion According to St. John,” presented by Rogue Valley Chorale at the Ginger Rogers Craterian Theater
November 5, 1960 football program, McLoughlin Junior High vs. Hedrick Junior High, signed by Cy Perkins, Ron Edmonds, Marilyn Watkins, Chris Helman, Leslie Stanley, Vickie Ober, Fritsie Beck, Peggy Lake
Rogue Valley Country Club scorecard with photo of clubhouse
No. 10 envelope, “Medford—The Pear City / Gateway to Vacationland”
24-page essay “My Plan—in Words of One Syllable,” June 1942, signed Rawles Moore, “written out for the satisfaction it gives me.” Presents plan for lasting peace after the Allies have won World War II. Inscribed “Before Wendell Willkie's popularity. H.M.”
1886 cover only of memorandum book, Jordan, Marsh & Co., Boston
1886 recipe for black pudding on Lion Fire Insurance Co., San Francisco, letterhead
Bound booklet of blank blotters, “Compliments of Schilling's Best to D. John”
Business card, J. C. Whipp Jacksonville Marble Works
1936 official guide booklet, California Pacific International Exposition, San Diego
April 20, 1907 Grants Pass Oregon Mining Journal with obituary of David John
1958.10.38/92 1973.13.69.65
Two photos of large burned brick building—San Francisco 1906?
Photo of “soldaten kaserne” (soldiers' barracks) with southeast (?) Asian natives posed in front
Business card, Emory E. Smith, Southern Pacific Co.
Card dated March 15, 1895 “Miss Tuffe . . . like a champ stayed until 3 in the morning on account of Miss Farr”
1875 letter from John Laughane in Wales
1880 letter from David John, Sprague River to his daughter
Circa 1890 homework, map of the New England states, Mollie John, Williams Creek School
1880 gift card to “Gertie John from her sister Eudora Godfrey, Dec. 4, 1880”
Chromolitho for Dr. Jayne's Tonic Vermifuge, imprinted “J. W. Howard & Co., Grants Pass”
Circa 1890 gag card with poem and illustration “Why Molly Spilled the Milk.” When held to the light, the image of a man kissing Molly appears.
1891 invoice to John Thompson for clothing from J. Nunan, Jacksonville
Envelope of chromos
Large, multicolored stone lithograph of bunch of roses
1912 Notice from City of Jacksonville billing Mrs. O. Keegan for cost of improvements
1879 warranty deed from J. H. Penn and wife to Mary A. Danforth for property in Jacksonville
1913-1916 receipts from City of Jacksonville to Mrs. O. Keegan for water bonds
1912 Jackson County assessor's certificate to Mrs. N. Keegan for real and personal property in Jacksonville
1885 mortgage from Owen and Nancy Keegan to Florence E. Shipley and Kate F. Hoffman for property in Jacksonville
1897 Jackson County tax receipt to Owen Keegan
1857 warranty deed from Anne Donnelly to Owen Keegan for property in Ramsey County, Minnesota Territory
1917 blank checkbook, Bank of Jacksonville
1875 Pierce's Memorandum Book, imprinted Geo. Huhn & Co., Minneapolis. Notations on shopping, addresses, 1875 trip from St. Paul to Portland
1929 Bend Chamber of Commerce map and illustrated road guide, “The Oregon Cascades / Vacation and Scenic Attractions.” Photos and descriptions of Crater Lake, Lake of the Woods Resort, Diamond Lake Resort, Oregon Skyline Trail.
1914-1918 autograph book; inscriptions to Jessie Inlow, Ashland
1894-1896 love letters between Ed Inlow and Millie Hopkins, Ashland
Circa 1890s handwritten poem “The Broken Hearted Damsel,” signed Ed Inlow
1895-1897 letters to Ed Inlow, Ashland
Notes on the estate of Daniel Hopkins, died October 31, 1879
1999 manuscript by Karl Slack, “The Story of the Sawmill on Elliott Creek or the History of the Pennsylvania Mine.” Includes history of McKee, Inlow, Lewis and Slack families.
Business card, Charles Nickell for Secretary of State
Circa 1890 business card, Hutchison & Lumsden, Medford. Back has ads for Nash Hotel, Webb Furniture, Turf Exchange Saloon, Schermerhorn & Shone
1897 letter from Dr. Darrin (on Occident Hotel, Astoria letterhead) to G. Mathews regarding medicine
1893 invoice to G. B. Mathews, Eagle Point, from A. J. Florey for hardware
1905 letter from Emil Peil, on his letterhead, to G. B. Mathews regarding plow
1950 Christmas Party invitation for employees of Faber grocery store, Central Point
1933 receipt from Young's Service Shop, 116-118 North Front, Medford to George B. Dean for tuneup and oil change
1951 booklet, Rules and Regulations, Medford Irrigation District
1954 program, Stone Fruit Growers' Meeting, Phoenix
1954 program Pear Growers' Meeting, Central Point
Circa 1910 Easter postcard, unused
1910 General Electric Co. booklet “How to Solve the Sewing Problem,” imprinted Rogue River Electric Co., Medford
1938 No. 10 envelope from Jackson County Chamber of Commerce to Dr. I. D. Phipps
1950s Jackson County Chamber of Commerce tourism brochure “Enjoy Your Vacation in Southern Oregon”
1929 Southern Pacific tourism booklet “Oregon Outdoors.” Photos of local lakes, Lithia Park, Oregon Caves, colorful map.
1983.034.724-728, 775
1950 hints and recipes for Dorby electric broiler
Circa 1940s blotters for Ball-Band shoes, imprinted C. M. Kidd & Co., Medford
1940 “uses and care” booklet for Hamilton & Beach canister vacuum cleaner
1930s Medford Public Library card, Polly Dean
1936-1936 Medford Junior High School student card, Polly Dean
Blank, unused envelope which formerly held a motor vehicle registration certificate, now “on display, annex”
Photocopy of pilot's log book, Floyd H. Hart, 1917-1943, Medford Mail Tribune article about Seely Hall 1965.010.1 // Mansfield; 1958.010.23, .27, .38, and .39 Mansfield, // Mrs. John; 1977.009.2 Saltsgaver, 1979.040.76 and .77 // Saltsgaver, 1958.122.03 to .11, .13, and .14 Shepherd, // 1960.060.2 Lomax, 1999.038.2, and .3.01 to .15 Slack, // 2000.027.1 and .2 Slack, 1960-139 Smith Antique Shop // (several), 1999.127.1 Swanson, 1972.079.3 and .5 to .9 // Staples, 1982.007.71 Staples, 1983.043.66 to .68 Staples, // 1980.034.724 to .726, .728, and .775 Jeter and Staples, // 1995.102.13, .14, .16, and .17 Sutherland

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