1993.085.83 Jacobson, 1990.4.3 Rutter, 1997.008.17 Arnold, Vernon; 1995.022.

Inventory in box
   1993.085.83 Jacobson, 1990.4.3 Rutter, 1997.008.17 Arnold, 
   Vernon; 1995.022.1 Alsing, 1980.064 Anderson, George, 
   4049 Anderson, Lucile and Ben, 1998.008.1 Arnold, Vernon, 
   1999.056.1 and .2 Arnold, Vernon, 2001.072.1 Arnold, 
   Vernon, 1982.064.21, .26, and .30 Atwood, 2005.028.04 
   to .06, .08, .12, and .15 Atwood, 1984.020.17 Bailey, Roy, 
   1986.3-6/1 Bailey, Roy, 1986.8-2 Bailey, Roy, 1989.6-1 
   Bailey, Roy, 1998.052.1 Alsing, 1997.008.17 Coffman, Donald
Southern Oregon church histories and Peggyann Hutchinson notes
Ashland faith healer Susie Jessel photos, ephemera, article. The Susie Jessel photographs were moved to G35 F5 In May, 2019. They are also in photo index.
Alice Young photos: Ashland, Lithia Park, Siskioyou station (?)
Lewis Ulrich Bank of Jacksonville checks
Central Point American newspaper 10-30-1930
Medford Aircraft Corp. ticket 1919--Seely Hall, Vern Gorst
Reel-to-reel audio tapes: interviews with Wesley Hartman, Mrs. Guy Tex, Gertrude Rosecrans
Shasta Route railroad timetables 1958-62
Jacksonville Jubilee program 1954
Ashland booster brochure circa 1905
Ashland Fortnightly Study Club schedule 1938-39
Vrena Prader Ashland Southern Oregon Normal School autograph book 1904-05
Medford/Jackson County "Facts" booster brochure 1966
Ashland map circa 1966
Cubby's, Medford menu
Watkins School photos 1947-48
Oregon Vortex, House of Mystery photos
Circa 1910 cemetery photo--Phoenix? Central Point?
First day covers 1969
1911 route of Steamship Kaiser Wilhelm II
Sarah Ann Hathaway Barneburg, Lena Lavenburg portraits circa 1860
Nettie Lewis photo, 1898 Forest Creek School souvenir
Drake (Ruch) School souvenir card 1897
Forest Creek School souvenir card 1901
Coffman family photos and ephemera
Medford Piggly Wiggly grocery store photo
Buncom photos circa 1991

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Mezzanine 42 F 1

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