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Parents standing / dais / / children on scale, Medford Airport tarmac / teenagers weigh themselves / children watch taxiing airplane / children exit airplane walk to camera / children board airplane / plane taxis away / different airplane arrives, disgorges

Gold Mine; Extracting Trapped Log Truck Driver

Man enters old shack on hill / man pans for gold, pan up to shack / man walks past ore car to mine / view from mine / / logs by mountain road / truck upside down by roadside, tow truck in attendance / bystanders, police looking inside / log loader arrives / tow trucks winch truck over / gingerly removing driver, placing him on gurney / installing inflatable cast on his leg / long view: ambulance, tow trucks

Medford Airport Tower; Mercy Flights; Medford Hawthorne Pool; Breathalyzer

Jackson County Courthouse Auditorium: audience, including commissioner Earl Miller, gathers handouts from table, sit down / coffee urns on dais / dignitaries get coffee, audience schmoozes / / sign and logo on door: "Federal Aviation Agency Station-Tower" / Medford Airport air traffic controllers at work inside tower / pan along control panel / view from tower as private plane taxis on runway / sign: "Mercy Flights Inc." / pan across Mercy Flights twin-engine plane N115MF / / dignitaries examine plans by side of Hawthorne Pool, Medford, pan across pool / crew at work on concrete forms near

White City Pool; Arden Farms Offices; Josephine County School District Dignitary

People in waiting room uneasily lounging, snacking, smoking under gaze of camera / / White City public swimming pool, views from outside, through chain-link fence / / Neon sign: "Arden Farms Co.," pan down to man walking up sidewalk / he stands at door, speaks, enters, pan up to sign / / sign outside building: "Josephine County School District" / dignitary walks past sign to sidewalk, poses

Preparations for Voting, East Medford Elementary School

Closeup pan along side of District 549C school bus / children board bus, "Vote Here" sign in distance / closeup of "Vote Here" sign as hesitant children pass in backgrfound / poll watchers arrive, pan across voting stations in school gymnasium

Lithia Park College Graduation; Earl Miller with Planning Map; Talent Firefighters Training; Grants Pass Bicycle License

Pan across large crowd in front of bandshell, Lithia Park / closeup of graduates in gowns / / Earl Miller points out features on huge land use map of Existing Land Use, Bear Creek Urban Region, pan up map / / Talent firefighters advance with hose toward oil fire / grinning men pump oil from barrel / firefighters at ready with hoses / they advance on fire  / / exterior, Grants Police department, neon "Police" sign over door: policeman talks to teen, picks up bicycle / closeup of Grants Pass bicycle license sticker, teen applies it to bicycle / closeup of policeman and teen

Medford Mayor Dunlevy Receives Check from Teens

Teenage boy in suit hands check to Mayor Dunlevy in Dunlevy's office, two other teens look on

Protest Against Norma's Departure; Panelists in TV Studio

Children with signs: "Norma Loves Children," "Norma Please Don't Abandon Us," "Children Like Norma"; two children on horses, one on tricycle / / closeup of telephone / man types / woman answers phone at typewriter / pan across name signs on dais: Wayne Waykefield, A. L. Nash, Dr. Blackstone, Frank Bash / TV studio: four men at dais / announcer on stool reads papers / pan across men at dais

Poll Watchers Prepare for Vote; Orchard View; Burglary Investigation; Timber Products Mill

Exterior: women poll watchers at door with "Vote Here" sign / interior: women at table with signs: "No Smoking, "Notice to Voters" / / pan across orchard from tower / closeup of fruit tree / closeups of branch with young pears / / police hold board that formerly covered hole in wall of building / closeup of entry hole / police examine it at length / / sign on building: "Timber Products Company, a division of Cyprus Mines Corporation" / pan across mill, tepee burner, stacked lumber / Hyster passes

Grants Pass Boatnik Rogue River Races

Parachutist lands in river near target / ditto / drivers run to speedboats on Rogue River near bridge, Grants Pass / boats race past camera / winners interviewed / pan across beauty queens / more interviews, kisses by queens / pans across large crowd of spectators, Riverside Park

Memorial Day Services, Eagle Point National Cemetery

Woman at Eagle Point National Cemetery walks toward camera with flowers, puts them on grave, pan up, mountains in distance / veterans and group at memorial services / veteran speaks on podium / other speakers, pan across flags at dais / U.S. flag flying on flagpole, pan down to honor guard, color guard / pan across women's auxiliary, flags / VA logo on lectern, pan to speakers / flower wreath / flag raising

Bozo's Circus

Bozo's Circus, starring Pinto Colvig as Bozo. Circus acts performed by stand-ins.

With Syd Saylor, Art La Rue, Mark Anthony

Written by Lorraine Williams

Produced and Directed by Elmo Wiliams

Downloaded from YouTube

Map S.E.P. & L Co's Klamath river Properties, 1910

Siskiyou Electric Power and Light  [SEP&L] map, scanned in 16 sections. find in SOHS Archives, n:\maps. Map is in Boyle Collection, box 1

Peninger Family

Peninger family papers in four attached files. 

Peninger Family Book 2

Kim Search Drew National Attntion

People still talk about the harrowing ordeal of the four members of the Kim family who became lost in the mountains fo Josephine County in December 2006 on Bear Camp Road.  pp. 48, 50 - 51

First the House Then the Kitchen

Memo's Kitchen is a classic story of the American Dream coming true.  In 2010 Guillermo Sanchez was selected by habitat for Humanity to help build and ultimately own a home, funded by Thrivent financial.  In 2013 he was able to open Memo's Kitchen in Medford. pp. 46 - 47

Still Making Gains"

Seven years frter a horrific motorcycle accident in 2010, formerShady Cove and Elk Trail Principal Tiffany O'Donnell is back at school.pp. 44 - 45

Out of the Ashes

Efforts are still underway to rebuild the Eagle Creek Mill lost to fire in 2015.  Owner Bob Russel is working with the Rogue Valley Foundation for the Butte Creek Mill Rebuild. pp. 30, 32, 42.l 

"No One's Invincible"

The mysterious death of local runner Todd Ragsdale had changed the way many trail runners approach their training.   In January 2016 Ragsdale's body was found near Ashland Creek upstram from the Granite Street reservoir.  His death was announced to be from "undetermined natural causes".  SORE is Southern Oregon Running Enthusiasts.  pp. 22 - 24



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