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Abstract of Title 1293 Lot Eight in the Constant Tract Addition of the town of Central Point, Oregon

MS1329, accession 2016.45.1

Names :

Isaac Constant: pps. 2, 3,6, 8, 9, 14, 15, 20, 21, 31

Thomas F. Beall, DLC No. 63, p.3

Peterson, p.3

Lucinda Constant, p.3

Wm. C. Leever and Fred Hogg, witnesses, p.3, 10

Hon. J. R. Neil, Jackson County Court, p.4, 7, 9, 16 , 19, 20

C. Magruder, pp.4, 5, 6,7, 8, 10, 11, 14, 15, 16, 17

Heirs to Isaac Constant: daughters Lavina J. Robinson, Elizabeth M. Leever, Julia A. Owen, Margrie E. Magruder, grandsons Isaac Constant, Wm. Constant, pp.4, 6, 9; granddaughter Julia B. Kincaid, pp.5, 6, 9, 18, 22, 24, 25, 26

Max Mueller, County clerk, witness, p.5, 7, 8, 16, 20

J. H. Huffer, deputy county clerk, p. 7, 8

Appraisers: John Ballinger, R. T. Beall, Thomas Wright p.7

Bond surety: H. Amy, A. H. Maegly, p.7

John E. Pelton, Sheriff, p. 8

Julia A. Owen, p. 11, 16, 18 Ed. R. Owen, notary, p. 11

Mrs. E. M. Leever pps. 11, 13, 14, 15, 17, 18

Magruder Bros., I. B. Williams, Haskel Amy,  claimants in the estate, p. 12

Magruder Bros. p. 13

W. H. Carkin, Notary, p.13

Beekman & Reames p. 15, 21

Wm. M. Colvig, Attorney for C. Magruder p. 16

W. T. Leever  pps. 18, 20, 23, 26, 30, 32, 34

S J. Day, J. W. Merritt and Martin Purkeypile, Appraisers of the Estate P. 19

Charles Nickell, Publisher and Printer of “Democratic Times” p. 19, 20, 31, 32, 33

W. H. Parker, Attorney for W. T. Leever p. 20

E. Jacobs p. 20

H. Amy p. 21

Elizabeth Leever p. 22

N. A. Jacobs, County Clerk

W. S. Crowell p. 24, 25, 28, 34

George A. Jackson, Co. Clerk p. 25, 30

A. S. Barner, Sheriff, p. 26

A. S. Bliton, of the firm Bliton & Balltrson, printer of the Medford Mail p. 28, 29

D. W. Lawton, N. P. p29

Lavina J. Robinson and Isaac Constant p. 29

W. E Jackson , Deputy p. 30

J. S Howard’s store in Medford p. 30

Geo. S. Parker, N. P.  p. 30

R. S Dunlap, Justice of the Peace p. 31

J. H. Delvin, N. P. p. 33

August Puhl p 38, 39

A M. Ford p. 38, 39

W. B. Kincaid p. 38

I. A. Pruitt p. 38

I. J. Estes p. 38, 39

C. B. Rostell


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Grants Pass Drive-In plans

Preliminary plan drive-in theatre for Grants Pass, dated 7/22/1953. Robert Gayle Flyte, Designer from Medford

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Chinese slideshow script

Note from archivist, 12/3/2016: the slides for this slideshow are probably still in the collection but not adequately cataloged. Look in SOHS materials? the printed script has annotations for appropriate SOHS photos. It is attached, and filed in the Chinese in Oregon vertical file. 

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Travel Preparations

"Travel Preparations" from Rural Heritage magazine by Jenifer Morrissey.  Tell of journey to Crater Lake, Lake of the Woods, Huckleberry Mountain, Pelican Bay and Upper Klamath Lake by Dan & Kate Glenn; Anna Hargrove; Nellie, Glenn, Harold & Mable Simpson; A D Helman.  Speaks of Moore Mill.

Roads-Military & Wagon Vertical File Subjects
Jackson County Orchards

"Jackson County Orchards" in Rural Heritage magazine by Jenifer Morrissey.  Speaks of Dan Glenn, Olwell Bros, Ashland Mills, Asa Fordyce, J H Stewart, and D R Hill.

Fruit Culture Folder 1 Vertical File Subjects
Hanley Farm leach field drawing

Drawn 2017, prior to installment of new septic system. Linked to PastPerfect record, LIB2017.2

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George Andrew Jackson

Within the city limits of East Medford is a little fruit ranch of five acres owned by George Andrew Jackson, a pioneer of 1854, and a man who has acted as well as thought since he took up the burden of life in the Far West. A fair measure of success has come to him as a miner and stockman, but at present his existence is a leisurely one, and devoted to fruit-raising principally, although he spends considerable time in taking parties to the mountains, and exploiting the many charms of this well-favored locality.
    Mr. Jackson has reached the biblical allotment of years, but notwithstanding his seventy years of age he enjoys good health, and still looks at life through roseate glasses, seeing the beauty and kindliness in both human and inanimate nature. He was born in Missouri, October 13, 1833, and comes honestly by his fondness for stock of all kinds, for both his father, William Bartlett Jackson, and his grandfather, Wilham, were judges par excellence of the horse, and acquired their livelihood through his purchase and sale. Grandfather William was quite a character in his way, and no more enthusiastic horseman was known in Henry County, Ky., whither he removed from Virginia at a very early day. While he owned a farm, his revenue came principally from horse-trading and selling, into which he ventured with true Kentucky enthusiasm. He married in Virginia, and in Kentucky, his son, William Bartlett Jackson, was born. In 1828 the latter removed to Sheridan County, Mo., where he was joined two years later by his father, where he lived to be eighty-six years of age, his latter life being spent with his children. His son William followed his example in business, became an excellent judge of horses, and carried to a successful finish many a shrewd trade. Unlike many thus employed he gained a reputation for integrity and fair dealing, and at the time of his death in 1859, at the age of sixty-five, left many friends to mourn his loss. His wife, formerly Eliza Berry Owens, was born in Kentucky and died in Missouri, having reared a family of six sons and three daughters, of whom George Andrew is the second son and third child.
    George Andrew Jackson was twenty years old when he left his home in Missouri and crossed the plains to Sacramento City, Cal., arriving in the fall of 1854. After four years of rather successful mining at Diamond Springs, Eldorado County, he made his way to The Dalles, and from there up through the Yakima country to the Fraser River, British Columbia, in 1858, reaching there September 1December 20, of the same year, he gave up a paying packing business and made the long journey to Eugene, coming by way of canoe to Fort Hope, by steamer to Fort Langley, by a Hudson Bay steamer to Victoria, and United States steamer Constitution to Olympia. From there he came with horses to Cowlitz Landing, from there with Indians and canoes to Monticello, and from there to Portland on the steamer Cowlitz, finally reaching Eugene January 1, 1859. A month later he went to Jacksonville, Ore., and engaged in mining for a couple of months, and then went to California with a band of cattle, returning soon after and engaging in a cattle business on the Rogue River. For twelve years he was one of the well-known men in his vicinity, his large ranch being located six miles above Table Rock. Success came to him, but the responsibility was a wearing one, and in 1871 he sold his stock and engaged in raising fruit, particularly melons, for the Portland market. He came to Medford in 1893, purchased his five-acre tract, and has since led a peaceful and not too busy life in a home where comfort, hospitality and good will prevail.
    Independent in his views, Mr. Jackson inclines rather to the Populist Party, drawn thither by his intense sympathy with the downtrodden and unfortunate element in the world. In 1894 he was elected assessor of Jackson County, serving two years, and in 1896 was elected county clerk for two years. Socially he is connected with the Fraternal Union of America. Mr. Jackson married, in Jackson County, Ore., February 12, 1874, Sarah A. Myers born in Scotland County, Mo., and daughter of Jacob Myers, an Indianian who located in Missouri at a very early day. Mr. Myers came to Oregon in 1864 and at present lives on his ranch near Table Rock, having attained to the advanced age of eighty-nine years. William Bartlett Jackson, named for his grandfather, is a bookkeeper in the Medford Bank, and is the only child born to his parents. Mr. and Mrs. Jackson have opened their hearts and home to an adopted daughter, Gridley. Mr. Jackson is respected by all who know of his earnest and industrious life, and through his coming here Medford gains a large-hearted and noble-minded citizen.

Portrait and Biographical Record of Western Oregon, Chapman Publishing Co., Chicago, 1904, pages 905-906

NOTE IN EMAIL, should be verified: George Andrew Jackson served as the Jacksonville City Clerk, 1894-1898. He may have also served as mayor, but that has not been verified.

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Eleanor Roosevelt's visit to Medford

Medford Mail Tribune from Medford, Oregon · Page ... -

Medford Mail Tribune (MedfordOregon), Sunday, May 20, 1956, Page 19. ... Roosevelt memorial dinner, at which Mrs. Eleanor Roosevelt was the speaker.

Medford Mail Tribune from Medford, Oregon on March 31, 1954 ...

Medford Mail Tribune (MedfordOregon), Wednesday, March 31, 1954, Page 8. ... M will be provided by the Lincoln grade school band and the speakers will be .... "We must try to Portland U.R) Mrs. Eleanor Roosevelt said last night that if we ...


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Everest, conquered

Brian Smith, native of Jacksonville, Oregon, summited Mount Everest in 2007, after almost dying from high altitude pulmonary edema. (p. 12-15)

979.527 M3, Our Valley, 2017 Medford Mail Tribune supplement
11 Homes lost in 45 minutes

On August 24, 2010, a fast-moving fire consumed an entire neighborhood in one of the worst urban blazes in Oregon history.  The  Ashland Oak Knoll fire was started when John Thiry, a homeless man, tossed a cigarette into a field of dry grass.  Medford Fire-Rescue Battalion Chief Mark Burns died six months after the fire after suffering servere smoke inhalation.  The fire led Ashland Fire Rescue to redevelop its wildfire hotline, which was overloaded during the fire, to handle more calls.  And Ashland created its first Firewise communities in 2011and now has 24 within city limits. pp 16 - 20

979.527 M3, Our Valley, 2017 Medford Mail Tribune supplement
Political Winners & Losers

Representative Nancy Peterson, D-Ashland:  co-owner of Bloomsbury Books, in the Oregon House in 1984, died 1997,

Senator Lenn Hannon started as a Democrat and later became a Republican, served on the Ways & Means Committee, SOU Library named after him.

Jackson County Commission Carol Doty elected in 1974, helped establish the county's first air-quality committee, emissions testing for vehicles, pushed to reduce woodstove smoke, worked with the wood products industry to reduce sawdust and carbon particulates and worked with fruit growers to replace smudge pots with windmills.  Now on the board of the Jackson County Library District.

Senator Alan Bates, D-Medford: elected to the Oregon Hous ein 2000 and the Senate in 2004, primary architect of the Oergon Health Plan.  Died suddenly of a heart attack at 71 in 2016.

Jackson County Commissioner Sue Kupillas, served 16 terms, helped form the White City Community Improvement Association and the White City Urban Renewal Agency in 1990. 

Oregon Secretary of State Dennis Richardson, elected to Oregon House in 2002, lost to Gov. John Kitzhaber in 2014 but was elected Secratry of State in 2016.

Lou Hannum, former Medford mayorfrom 1982 to 1986 celebrated his 100th birthday in 2015.

Lindsay Berryman, the first and only female mayor of Medford, joined the Medford City Council in the 1980s and was may for 2 terms starting in 1999.

Al Densmore, former Medford mayor from 1977 to 1983. At age 24 in 1971 he was elected to the Oregon House and was elected three more times.

Former Jackson county Commissioner Jon Deason served three terms. He supported many big changes, wiritng a home rule charter, creating the county administrator post, introducing computers, creating the new fairgrounds and making the tax collector a new office intead of a job of the sheriff.

Former Jackson County Commissioner Ric Holt served 12 years, retired in 2002 and died in 2015 at age 77.

Tam Moore was elected Jackson County Commissioner in 1974 and served one term

Senator Lynn Newbry, D-Talent, served in the Oregon Senate from 1961 to 1974, was an orchardist and poweful abiter of the state's budget on the Wyas & Means committee.  He died at 89 in 2012.

U.S. congressman John Dellenback, D.-Medford, served four terms, spearheaded creation of Oregn Dunes National Recreation Area, a law to make shippers and pipeine responsible for iol spill and supported title IX.  Died in 2002.

U. S. Congressman Bob Duncan, D. Medford from 1963 to 1967.  Was defeated in elections for  the U.S. Senate by Mark Hatfield and Wayne Morse.Died in 2011.

Bob Smith was elected to the Oregon House in 1962, speaker for two sessions, starting in 1969.  He was elected to Congress in 1982 and served six terms.

Wes Cooley was a one-term congressman with a knack for scandal. He stepped down from Congress when it was found that his statement in the Voter's Pamphlet that he'd served in the Army Special Forces in Korea wasn't true and he was charged with keeping his marriage secret so his wife could keep getting verterns's benefits from a previous marriage.  He was convicted in 2009 in Californica and served some jail time.  Died in 2015.

pp.. 21, 29, 34, 41, 90


979.527 M3, Our Valley, 2017 Medford Mail Tribune supplement
Living after loss

15 years after Todd Morris disappeared in the Kalmiopsis Wilderness, his widow, Sicily Morris, finds healing by helping others.  pp. 26 - 28.


979.527 M3, Our Valley, 2017 Medford Mail Tribune supplement
"No One's Invincible"

The mysterious death of local runner Todd Ragsdale had changed the way many trail runners approach their training.   In January 2016 Ragsdale's body was found near Ashland Creek upstram from the Granite Street reservoir.  His death was announced to be from "undetermined natural causes".  SORE is Southern Oregon Running Enthusiasts.  pp. 22 - 24


979.527 M3, Our Valley, 2017 Medford Mail Tribune supplement
Out of the Ashes

Efforts are still underway to rebuild the Eagle Creek Mill lost to fire in 2015.  Owner Bob Russel is working with the Rogue Valley Foundation for the Butte Creek Mill Rebuild. pp. 30, 32, 42.l 

979.527 M3, Our Valley, 2017 Medford Mail Tribune supplement
Still Making Gains"

Seven years frter a horrific motorcycle accident in 2010, formerShady Cove and Elk Trail Principal Tiffany O'Donnell is back at school.pp. 44 - 45

979.527 M3, Our Valley, 2017 Medford Mail Tribune supplement
First the House Then the Kitchen

Memo's Kitchen is a classic story of the American Dream coming true.  In 2010 Guillermo Sanchez was selected by habitat for Humanity to help build and ultimately own a home, funded by Thrivent financial.  In 2013 he was able to open Memo's Kitchen in Medford. pp. 46 - 47

979.527 M3, Our Valley, 2017 Medford Mail Tribune supplement
Kim Search Drew National Attntion

People still talk about the harrowing ordeal of the four members of the Kim family who became lost in the mountains fo Josephine County in December 2006 on Bear Camp Road.  pp. 48, 50 - 51

979.527 M3, Our Valley, 2017 Medford Mail Tribune supplement
Peninger Family

Peninger family papers in four attached files. 

Peninger Family Book 2

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Map S.E.P. & L Co's Klamath river Properties, 1910

Siskiyou Electric Power and Light  [SEP&L] map, scanned in 16 sections. find in SOHS Archives, n:\maps. Map is in Boyle Collection, box 1