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Phillip Dairy probate record 1855


Marion County probate record for Phillip Dairy, husband of Cynthia and father of Basil....

Ashland Soldiers who served and died in World War II

Link to Ashland Tidings pages: Ashland Soldiers who served and died in World War II...

Ledford Murders, Tyee George hanging

Links to Southern Oregon History, Revised website:

Tyee George and Skookum John

The Dead Sprit of the Klamath: Story...

Just People Like Us

Article about the German Prisoners of War at Camp White, African American military, Japanese in Medford during WWII.  

Oregon Humanities, Spring 2016, p 12-16

M71 F 4
After Dark

Film, produced by Paulist Productions, probably no local content

Media cabinet 1, on top
Map of orchards in Jackson County in 1925

Map of orchards in Jackson County in 1925, showing owners and/or orchard names. Does not show type of fruit grown, does show land set aside for orchards. 

Link to the map

MI 214083

Fountain, Grace Russell, artist, daughter of Ann Hasseltine Hill and James Russell)
See Oregon Historical quarterly, Fall 2015 for article

Place To Stand

Film, produced by Paulist Productions, probably no local content

Media cabinet 1, on top
MI 215817

Brent Hartley, Medford 1973 graduate, is the new U.S. ambassador to Slovenia, a 3 year position. Harley has served in various capacities both in Washington and overseas in areas of Europe since the early 1980s.

VF-HA 2 of 2 (Han-Haz)
MI 214082

Matt Heverly, NASA's Mars Curiosity rover robot driver.

Folder: Heverly
Powell, Altadena

Obituary MMT 1/3/1983 and 50th wedding anniversary article

Rogue River Valley University Club; A Century of Fellowship

Book by Ron Kramer that gives the history of the University Club (and some information about the Colony Club)

Includes biographical entries for charter members. Call number 979.5286 K73.

Anderson, William C.
Britt Legacy

Medford Mail Tribune article about the Britt estate, 1955 (full text attached)

MI 165934

Aerial photo of Medford Corp. mill yard/ 1917

MB 37
MI 215818

Bill Enyart; First-team all-state Medford High, first-team All-American at Oregon State University, the 2nd Beaver player to be inducted into the College Football Hall of Fame in 2011, entered NFL 1969. Buffalo Bills & traded to Oakland in...

RVM Tutorial #26

Tutorial 10-1-99. Thomas Doty and "The Takelma"

Found in Education collection in 2011. Subsequently stored on mezzanine. Moved by Kira Lesley to white media storage cabinet and given VHS numbers in 2019. 

DeAutremont Case documents

Miscellaneous documents related to the case against the DeAutremont brothers, Roy, Ray and Hugh, who killed four railroad crew members in their unsuccessful attempt to rob a Southern Pacific Railroad mail car. Documents are included in the...

Mary Missouri Ana

Mary was first child not allowed to attend school in Jacksonville because she was mixed race (referred to as colored, although she appeared to be white according to Thomas F. Royal). Her mother was Susannah Johnson, they lived in One Horse town,...

Hayes, Catherine Vilas
Obituary for Cathy Hayes, written by her daughters:
Catherine Vilas Hayes passed away...
Medford Monitor

the Medford Monitor was Medford's first newspaper, published by M. A. McGinnis beginning in 1885. A copy of the first paper is in M78 D1. 

MI 215820

David B Frohnmayer, University of Oregon (UO) Professor of Law, member of the House of Representatives, Attorney General of Oregon, Dean of UO school of law, and 15 years as President of UO.

VF - Frohnmayer - Biog
M46A Box 4

Blueprint copy of 1843 map, “

Profile of the Route from the Mouth of the Kansas to the Pacific by Capt. J.C. Fremont in 1843,”

Oregon Trail—no accession number, inscribed “Guy Conner”

1998.92.6:Memoirs of Ben Day 1912-98,...

Map S.E.P. & L Co's Klamath river Properties, 1910

Siskiyou Electric Power and Light  [SEP&L] map, scanned in 16 sections. find in SOHS Archives, n:\maps. Map is in Boyle Collection, box 1

Ben Johnson

Ben Johnson was a blacksmith in Jacksonville. Negro Ben (originally Nigger Ben) Mountain was probably named for him. He married Amanda in Albany, Oregon

RVM Tutorial #25

September 1999. thomas Doty #3 & 4. 

"Upriver - Downriver" and "Mythology and worldview of the Rogue Valley Takelma Indians." 

Found in Education collection in 2011. Subsequently stored on mezzanine. Moved by Kira...