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A Briefing on Civil Defense

Color, completely faded to red and yellow: We watch bored group in hospital maternity waiting room watching 1963 documentary "About Fallout" on radiation, fallout, fallout shelters and civil defense. They become less bored as documentary goes on. Then More

M9D, on shelf
8. Folder "Correspondence, Resolutions, and Memorials

{Continued) Box contains: ALL SHOULD BE MS.//8. Folder "Correspondence, Resolutions, and Memorials of the // Legislative Assembly Relative to the Prices of Supplies, // the Hostilities of the Indians, and Protection of the Immigrants // More

Mezzanine 31 A 1.2 Mezzanine List
75th Anniversary of Trail Post Office; SOSC Hannon Library Open

Bin full of mail / closeup of envelope rubber-stamped "75 Years/Wm. C. Knighten Postmaster Feb. 1, 1883/Eva Albert Postmaster Feb. 1, 1968" / sign on building: "Trail Post Office," pan to dignitaries including Earl Miller and (presumably) Eva Albert More

M6E Box 13 67E/97E
5th Dimension Singing Group at Medford Airport; Awards Given at Jackson County Shops

Young black and white men schmooze in front of Greyhound bus at Medford airport / more men and women arrive (Marilyn McCoo and 5th Dimension) from parking lot, much schmoozing going on / / interior, probably Jackson County shops: Earl Miller hands More

M6E Box 7 61E/97E
5 scrapbooks recording the activities of the Ashland Junior Chamber of Commerce 1999.128 Marsh

5 scrapbooks recording the activities of the Ashland Junior
Chamber of Commerce 1999.128 Marsh

Mezzanine 47 C 6 Mezzanine List
5 scrapbooks recording the activities of the Ashland Junior Chamber of Commerce 1996.013 O'Harra

5 scrapbooks recording the activities of the Ashland Junior
Chamber of Commerce 1996.013 O'Harra, Marjorie and Robert

Mezzanine 47 C 5 Mezzanine List
5 pictures: Framed photo of Owen-Oregon Lumber Co. employees 1932 Framed copy of above Framed photo

5 pictures:
Framed photo of Owen-Oregon Lumber Co. employees 1932
Framed copy of above
Framed photo of Medco lumber mill
Framed photo of lumber yard, probably Medco
Framed photo of lumber yard, probably Medco

Mezzanine 39 C 2 Mezzanine List
5 Millionth West Coast Airlines Passenger at Medford Airport

"West Coast" on airplane / twin turborop plane / men and stewardess pose at stairway / men shake hands / airport terminal / man boards plane / people waiting at gate / passengers line up, board plane

M6C Box 4 30E/97E
4H-FFA Sheep Judging, Jackson County Fair

Children grooming sheep / kids walk sheep to pavilion, Jackson County Fairgrounds / man takes portraits of sheep and owners / inside pavilion: kids hold sheep for judging / pans across people on bleachers / closeups of teens with sheep

M7A Box 3 84E/97E
4H Horse Clinic, Jackson County Fairgrounds

Girl in hat and chaps rides horse in ring / closeup of young boy / girl rides into enclosure / closeup of little girl / shots of riders, people on bleachers /

M6B Box 13 25E/97E
41 Buses, 1300 Passengers Stranded in Medford by Weather

Shots of GIs, passengers milling around and in Greyhound bus station, in coffee shop / buses parked at train depot, on street downtown

M6B Box 16 16E/97E
4-H, FFA Lamb Show at Jackson County Fairgrounds

Exterior, Jackson County Fairgrounds / closeup of people cutting up cooked meat / pan across crowd waiting for food / in arena, young man shears sheep / lamb wearing winner's cloak / announcer at lectern

End of clip is grand champion market More

M6A Box 7 7E/97E
4-H, FFA Fair, Jackson County Fairgrounds

Interior of barn, young boys and girls with steers / closeups of steers / boy sleeping with steer / rabbits in cages / tractors displayed outside / sign: "Home Ecnomics" / pans across displays of baked goods, sewing projects

M6A Box 9 9E/97E
4-H Speakers; Family Guidance Clinic; YMCA; Beauty Queens in Grants Pass

Exterior: VIPs, one holding handful of soil, discuss / closeups of same / speaker at dais by 4-H flag / pan across sparse audience / / people stand and listen to man speaking in hallway / secretary at work / sign: "Family & Child Guidance Clinic More

M6D Box 13 53E/97E
4-H Livestock Show, Jackson County Fairgrounds

Children bring rabbits to judging table, old Jackson County Fairgrounds pavilion / pan across young entrants and rabbits / adults in bleachers / children sweeping around cattle in barn / people waiting under banner: "Rogue River 4-H Dairy Club" / More

M7A Box 6 87E/97E
4-H Livestock Fair, Jackson County Fairgrounds

Mostly closeups: Hereford steers in indoor arena / Jersey cows / more steers / hogs / pan across spectators on bleachers / young man leads reluctant steer into closeup / Angus steer

M6A Box 8 8E/97E
4-H Horse Show, Jackson County Fairgrounds

Jackson County Fairground: Three people ride horses past camera, Barneburg Hill in background / people demonstrate horses around outdoor arena

M6A Box 9 9E/97E
4-H Home Economics Contest

Interior: pan across women in folding chairs, waiting for judging / boy and girls mixing cakes at table / removing cake from oven / table with wrapped baked goods /

M6A Box 9 9E/97E
4-H Home Economics Baking Competition

Sign: "4-H Home Economics Skill Contest Week" / sign: "Senior Dinner Champion Award," display of prizes, prize winners and ribbons / girls mix cakes / others mill about / kitchen display / women spectators / closeup of bakers at work / pan across More

M6C Box 4 30E/97E
4-H FFA Queen Pageant

Closeups of candidates on stage / emcee at microphone / emcee with reigning queen / candidates in swimsuits, evening gowns /

M6C Box 6 32E/97E
4-H Beef Field Day, Jackson County Fairgrounds

Cows in fairgrounds barn / cow in squeeze chute / trimming hooves / showing Hereford steer / pan across crowd in bleachers / showing more steers / more of the same / closeup of steer / closeup of woman holding steer

M6A Box 4 4E/97E
3M White City, Executive Solberg

Pan across 3M building, White City / 3M sign on building / entrance to building / secretary at desk / executive at desk / executive schmoozes secretary / meeting around table, exec with box of 3M product / driveby shot of 3M building

M6B Box 8 20E/97E
3M Plant Progress, White City

Pan across building from distance / closeups of building through window as driving past: 3M Duplicating Products on building

M6B Box 16 16E/97E
3M Plant Construction, White City

Exterior: construction site, skeleton of 3M buliding up / pans across building / man using cutting torch / men shoveling / man hammering inside building / ductwork ready to be installed

M6A Box 4 4E/97E
3995 South Stage Road VF

Folder containing materials about the property at 3995 South Stage Road. A former owner of the house dropped it off. She originally gathered many of the materials here at SOHS, so we have most of the materials here already.  However, she also More

3995 South Stage Road--VF Vertical File Subjects