Join our volunteer corps! SOHS has over 300 volunteers who help in a variety of capacities. Click here for a volunteer application.

Here are some of the areas in which we could use your help:


  • Hanley Farm: Maintaining a 37-acre farm with 10 historic structures involves the help of landscapers, gardeners, carpenters, general "fix it" people, and several dozen people who assist with special events.  If you are interested in volunteering to use your hands, contact If you would like to help at a Hanley Farm special event, contact Alice Mullaly at (541) 664-2079 or
  • History: Made By You!  Become part of our new traveling exhibit program and learn how museum exhibits are created in the process.  Contact Amy Drake, our Curator of Special Projects, at (541) 773-6536 x206

  • Research Library: Over three dozen volunteers help to keep the Research Library running.  More are needed to assist customers at the front desk or work on research projects behind-the-scenes.  If you are interested in volunteering for either job, contact the Research Library at (541) 773-6536 x201 or

  • Collections: To maintain an artifact collection of over 1 million objects, we need your help!  Jobs include cleaning artifacts and the collection's storage building, data entry, assisting with dismantling and installing exhibits, and general object care.  We also need a volunteer-volunteer coordinator for Collections who can recruit and schedule volunteers for various jobs.  For more information, contact Tina Reuwsaat at

  • Special Events: SOHS hosts many special events throughout the year. We need volunteers who like to organize parties, to cook, to decorate, and to help spread the word.  For more information, contact at (541) 773-6536 x202 or

  • Maintenance: Help us to maintain our properties by volunteering your professional services: painting, plumbing, HVAC repair and maintenance.  We also have the need for carpenters and general "fix it" people.  If you'd like to be added to a list of people to call when we need help, contact our office manager at (541) 773-6536 x 202 or