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Image Site Numbersort descending Name National Register Inventory Rank Address City
142 W. H. Lydiart (Gates and Lydiard) 16 Geneva Medford
143 "Humphrey Bros. Grocery" Building 3-Minor 534 East Main Street Medford
144 Mrs. E. P. Power House 100 Vancouver Avenue Medford
146 New Ashland Creamery Winburn Way - Lithia Park Ashland
147 Gwinn Butler House 2-Secondary 41 Granite Street Ashland
148 Gordon Voorhies Project Eden Valley Orchard
149 Unnamed Lake of the Woods
15 Bess Young House 1-Primary 522 South Oakdale Street Medford
150 Morris B. Leonard House 2503 Hillcrest Road Medford
151 Granite City/Community Hospital Palm & Siskiyou Boulevard Ashland
152 John Champion House 1801 Vivian Street Medford
153 Community Building 2-Secondary 340 South Pioneer Ashland
154 Clem Childers House Bear Creek Terrace Medford
155 Edwin T. Burleson House 31 Barneburg Street Medford
156 Central Point School Gymnasium Central Point