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Image Site Number Name National Register Inventory Rank Address Citysort descending
13 F. E. Watson House 33 Strawberry Lane Ashland
290 Clarence Lane House Laurel Street near North Main Ashland
135a Ashland Masonic Hall, Remodel #1 27 North Main Ashland
298 F. L. Foster Building 3-Minor 391 East Main Street Ashland
301 F. L. Camps Building 3-Minor 54 East Main Street Ashland
438 (Gambrel roof) Southwest Corner Siskiyou Boulevard Ashland
303 Dodge Furniture & Carpet Building 3-Minor 123 East Main Street Ashland
439 Ashland Hotel Remodel East Main & Pioneer Ashland
304 Frank Strickfaden House 2-Secondary 145 Almond Street Ashland
441 Alfred Jack House 125 Almond Ashland
399 Victor Mills House 2-Secondary 155 Strawberry Lane Ashland
305 John Chambers House 3-Minor 137 Almond Street Ashland
442 Charles Tilton House 237 Almond Ashland
336 Unnamed 1964 Old Stage Road Central Point
400 B. E. Harder House 3-Minor 3531 Ross Lane Central Point