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Image Site Number Name National Register Inventory Rank Address Citysort descending
98 Ashland Elks Club 1-Primary 255 East Main Street Ashland
260 Exhibit Booth Lithia Park Ashland
139 Wilmer M. Poley House 1-Primary 64 Gresham Street Ashland
99 Enders Building 2-Secondary 250 East Main Street Ashland
436 Unnamed 486 Siskiyou Boulevard Ashland
147 Gwinn Butler House 2-Secondary 41 Granite Street Ashland
421 Reuben Hargrove House 185 North Pioneer Ashland
437 Unnamed 670 Siskiyou Boulevard Ashland
120 Southern Oregon Normal School & Gymnasium Siskiyou Boulevard Ashland
Not SOHS 1 First Baptist Church 241 Hargadine Ashland
443 Unnamed 600 Siskiyou Boulevard Ashland
153 Community Building 2-Secondary 340 South Pioneer Ashland
274 A. L. Aiken Building 3-Minor 281 East Main Street Ashland
163 Ashland Improv. Company Bldg., Wes Pearson, The Dahlia 2-Secondary 25 North Main (27-29) Street Ashland
13 F. E. Watson House 33 Strawberry Lane Ashland