TouVelle, Frank L., 1870-1955

Mercer County, Ohio treasurer 1893-1897; Jackson County Judge 1913-1919; Member of the Highway Commission 1936-1939
Occupation: Orchard owner 1905-1955, Jackson County Judge 1913-1919, Highway Commissioner 1935-1939

TouVelle inaugurated "The Good Roads Movement"; he was instrumental in paving Hwy 99 from Central Point to Medford and the grading of Hwy 99 over Siskiyou Mountains to CA & Hwy 101 on Coast. He helped start the first public health department in Jackson County. In 1944 he donated 50 acres of Rogue River property for the TouVelle State Park, in memory of his wife. touVelle was an active Jackson county Democrat, Methodist & Elk. He jokingly developed "Alfaberry" cross between strawberries and alfalfa, and " battlefield watermelons"
Today's Touvelle House B&B in Jacksonville was his home.

Although TouVelle had no children of his own, he trained & educated at least 12 neglected, under privileged youth, and sent those who were qualified to college. His will established a trust to provide education for "worthy" boys.
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