OUR MISSION: to make history come alive by collecting, preserving, and sharing the stories and artifacts of our common heritage.
The Southern Oregon Historical Society was established in 1946. Our properties include Hanley Farm in Central Point, the Research Library in Medford, 
and a large collection of Southern Oregon artifacts. 

"History: Made by You - Butte Falls"

Butte Falls is a town born out of logging. With easy access to timber and a creek that
could be used for milling, many workers and companies moved to the area seeking business and income. "History: Made by You - Butte Falls" explores how Butte Falls developed and its reliance on natural resources to survive.

This exhibition was created as part of the SOHS’s traveling exhibition program, History: Made by You. Through this program, SOHS partners with local community groups to research, develop, and install an exhibition on local history that travels throughout Jackson County. If you are interested in learning more about History: Made by You, please contact Amy Drake, Curator of Special Projects, at amy@sohs.org.

This project is sponsored in part by a grant from the John and Jane Youell Fund of the Oregon Community Foundation.

SOHS Celebrates a New Definitive Work on the DeAutremont Train Robbery!

SOHS is celebrating the publication of Scott Mangold's Tragedy at Southern Oregon Tunnel 13: DeAutremonts H
old Up the Southern Pacific.  A limited number of autographed copies are available for purchase at the SOHS Research Library.

The DeAutremont brothers were looking for a big score. Th
ey brought dynamite, guns and a getaway car. On October 11, 1923, at the summit of the Siskiyou Mountains in southern Oregon, the three young men held up a passenger train, with disastrous consequences. Their rash actions resulted in the tragic deaths of three Southern Pacific trainmen and one U.S. Mail clerk, unleashing a public outcry that still rings through Oregon's history. In this riveting account, rail historian Scott Mangold draws on interviews, in-depth research and previously unpublished maps and photographs to document the events at Tunnel 13. Join Mangold as he chronicles the resulting four-year manhunt and eventual conviction of the DeAutremonts and provides insight into the lives into the robbery's bitter legacy.

A native of the Pacific Northwest, Scott Mangold was born in Seattle, raised in Portland and graduated from Willamette University in Salem with a degree in economics. Although a U.S. Air Force veteran and a manager during most of his thirty-five-year airline career, Scott professes always to have been more interested in trains than planes. A lover of history in general-and southern Oregon being rich in history-Scott knew that he and wife, Lori, would have to retire there. Since moving to the Medford area, Scott has served on the board of the Ashland Historic Railroad Museum and is a volunteer researcher at the Southern Oregon Historical Society.